back from siggy! good fun, but man.. I need sleep.



I was only there from Sat through Tuesday night, so It was a real quick trip… but had a great time.

the AUGA night was pretty fun, especially since I only had to do a 15 minute presentation which was all about giving out Maya Master awards. So that’s good stuff! And after that, I spent 3 or 4 hours trying to make my way to the food tables outside, but kept getting stopped to talk to people. The good thing was I got to meet a ton of new faces… the bad thing is that by the time I finally got back to my hotel around midnight I was FAMISHED and hammered. ah well. :slight_smile:

Monday was good too… just meetings & catching up with old friends… and the show floor was fun but busy. Good to see the PDI|Dreamworks booth surrounded. :slight_smile: Robots looks cool & I was bummed that all the Incredibles posters were gone… ah well!

electronic theatre was a blast & I hope that Landreth’s Ryan continues on it’s path of amazing successes!

anyway, I’m back… and now it’s time to eat something other than mexican & get some good rest. :slight_smile:



Cool Jason…any pictures?

BTW, are you going to be doing another Maya master class, the one you did at siggraph 2001 I think it was, was one of the best seminars ever :slight_smile:

That would be cool if you did another one, really great stuff.

Keep up the great work man.


nope, no pics… d’oh!

not sure about another class, I’m sure I’ll be doing one sometime, but I don’t know when & I don’t know what for. :slight_smile:

but thanks!!!



Damn, I thought that was you.

You might remember me as that student volunteer (in those annoying red vests) in the Registration area shooting you a look of confused recognition.

I would have come up and said hi, but I figured you get enough of that during the rest of the convention anyways. :smiley:


lol! yeah, I had a lot of people shooting me confused looks… and then a lot coming up as well. It’s always good to hear that people like what ya’ve been doin, tho! :slight_smile:

makes it allll worth it. next time, just come up and say hi!


Hey Jason what’s up. Saw you at the Agua meeting and man sucks that you had to play the Biatch. J/K… All was fun … Glad to hear that you had fun. I couldn’t believe the amazing stuff they had at Walt Disney Feature Animation. That stuff was utterly amazing. Well I also got your DVD bundle and it better make me as good as you. Take care, later on.

Lord Ryan


Hey was nice meeting you man although briefly!

You have to make it to the SF meetup next time :smiley:


Whoa! I bought your 2-disc DVD at the Alias booth. That is one TREMENDOUSLY helpful DVD. I’ve been poring over it this weekend. Didn’t realize you were a CGTalker.


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