'back by six' (3d short)


hey kids, heres our first attempt at 3d. it was all done in max with us not knowing what we were doing…:bounce:


you can find the movie in the downloads section.

anyway check it out i think you’ll find it fun to watch. also if you are in the vancouver area & you need sound for your projects, steve might be able to help you out; sscheibe@vfs.com


…bueller? bueller? bueller?

no response at all? would a divx version be better?



:slight_smile: Hehe, love the part where the hubcap falls off the car.

The animation was a little choppy and didn’t seem to correspond with the sound (maybe it was just QuickTime acting up?) but the modeling itself looked good, the characters were unique and had personality. I liked it, keep it up.


Hey Rojo!

Thanks for the feedback. :beer: I agree with your comments about the animation. We wish we could go back and change a few things, but it’ll be better next time around!



SUPAKEWL!!! I like it a lot! Voices are very amusing! :slight_smile:

Common everyboyd, download this and watch it! It’s fun! :bounce:


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