Bachelors Mansion, Amit Dixit (3D)


Title: Bachelors Mansion
Name: Amit Dixit
Country: India
Software: 3ds max

3d Rendering Scene…Room 4 Single’s Only :slight_smile:
Designed room for myself, every thing I require is pretty close by to maximize my comfort level and love to stay grounded for good reason. All n all a lazy bum .Crit’s N Comments are most welcome …Good day All!


Wire Frame ScreenShot :


Textures - Lighting - composition -->PERFECT
Very Good Realism…G8 Work:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


very good work man :thumbsup: lighting and enviroment is nice


Good job on the lighting.

The walls and ceiling look like they were cut from a ridiculously huge tree. You should either make the wood panels thinner, or make them something other than wood. Having the wood cvering everything is making the room feel very cramped and closed in.

Those pillows seem to be balancing on one little corner. It looks a little funny.

The light coming in from the windows is too blown out. Its not direct light, so it wouldn’t be so harsh.

You shouldn’t be able to see the lightbulb so clearly through that lamp shade. It looks like there’s no light coming from that lamp, yet that bulb is a bright white.

I like the shape of those little stools!

Great job texturing each book as something different, thats a nice touch.


nice one 5 stars :]


Great Architectural Rendering.
Liked the lighting and crisp/clear Rendering.
Design and detailing fits the theme “bachelors Massion” …OverAll very Good Job.
>>5 Star Rating:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks - amd_raj,hindus,Rye,farda & 3dTus for your comments.
More Comments are Most Welcome :slight_smile:


single is the way to go, why have one when you can have any :wink:

nice pad


Big Image:deal: :


Quality work for me.Fine enviroment, details and good object variety.


Big Res. image is even better, you should have posted it earlier…for more comments.


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