BabylonDreams Pipeline Kit released


The BabylonDreams Pipeline Kit for modo has been in development for several years as in-house tool at BabylonDreams and only been available to some trusted colleagues. It contains 40+ commands that will boost your modo workflow to unknown heights.

We are proud to announce the general availability of the kit starting today. So grab your copy today to benefit from the 20% launch discount (offer running from 1. October till 8. October 2018).

Introducing the BabylonDreams Pipeline Kit for modo from BabylonDreams on Vimeo.


I just added a support page to the Pipeline Kit web site. It includes a link to the full documentation, so you can browse that without having to buy the kit. There is also a first video explaining how to install a kit in modo.

If you have any further questions that warrant a support entry or a video, let me know.


BabylonDreams Pipeline 1.3.0 was just released. It comes with a few new features including two more ways to jitter keys that won’t touch your actual keys, a render orientation switcher to quickly go from landscape to portrait and a one click material preset generator for V-Ray.

The kit also gained the ability to check online for new versions.

Now don’t worry, we are not sending anything to our servers. No privacy is being invaded and nothing is recorded. The kit simply checks a version string and alerts you if there is a new version. It then offers to take you to the download page.

Go and grab your copy today.