Babydoll, Warren Louw (2D)


Title: Babydoll
Name: Warren Louw
Country: South Africa
Software: Photoshop

Babydoll (2011)

I’ve been neglecting my realism skills for some time now, so I decided to push myself further with this illustration of Emily Browning (Babydoll) from the movie Sucker punch, directed by Zac Snyder. Took a lil while to get her done, but Im quite happy with how she finally turned out.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

• Painted in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom Intuos 3.


BEAUTIFUL!! Super love your style and very smooth! Wonderful as always! Cheers!


What a beautiful face.
I loved the sword and her hair is perfect.


Technically this looks very good. I also like the subject, hair and pose.


very nice character, i love her face :drool:


I Love the movie concept as much as i love this,I like your new more realistic style without losing your distintive style and faces,It´s very well rendered and I love the color palette,definitely It capture the general tone of the film.


Thanks you guys! I really appreciate your comments! =)


Besides very beautiful rendering i really love the way you captured the light. Especially in the leather underneath her arm i appreciate the sublte definition in the shadows. That shows skill and knowledge. Very well balanced over all. Great image!


Beautiful work, great rendering technique as always :thumbsup:


Thank you so much Felideus!

@zoomdog, thanks dude! Really glad you noticed those details I put into it =)

Oh, just to add, thought I’d share a closer zoom to show the finer details.


very beautiful!


Your doll is most prettier than the actress of the movie, your girl is an angel…, nice work!!


Awesome jobb. One of your very best, I think! Congratulations!


I love all things Emily Browning - but this is just fantastic work regardless of the subject! Great job!


Great design. I love the textures. I almost expect to see slight freckles in the close-up image.




That’s not realism but it sure is pretty :slight_smile: Don’t loose your style, enhance it.


Wow!! The palette is perfect! I’ve been meaning to buy the film for a while now, you’ve done her and the actress justice I think, Well done man!


That image is simply flawless. That hair, I could study them all day. And I love that tiny little details like stitches on the leather and clothing. Details of the sword are amazing too.

I think it is realism. Sure, it’s not hiper-photorelistic but still… it has correct human proportions.


Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend (in her good photos).

Nice work!