Baby, Tiago Hoisel (3D)


Title: Baby
Name: Tiago Hoisel
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

This lovable baby is my Zbrush modeling course final work at Melies 3D Cinema and animation school. I started the model from a sphere and after that I painted and made the render by the Zbrush itself. I used Photoshop for composition of the background and for some final details of painting, mostly at the eyes.


what a great image.!


really creative work as always!
i love his expression, 5 stars my friend!
FrontPage iT! :buttrock::buttrock:


brilliant work
you have a future in this business


holly …!
another 5stars work!

FrontPage plz!?


Spectacular & inspiring work


LOL. You gotta call this little fella “lovable” or you’re gonna be in big trouble. Brilliant.


Fantástico! The expression you achieved is just marvelous…You gotta love that spoiled little brat!


Not sure if he’s evil or retarded… probably both!

nice work!


Hahaha love the expression on his face. Really well made.


Fantastic idea, the eyes are just great, thanks for this!


Incredibly expressive. Love it.


haha ,an nice face brushed


OMG!! priceless expression dude!! :scream::buttrock::love:

this will be xeroxed in everyone’s head for sure! :applause:

5*s n counting!!


hahha…this is hilarious! Excellent work!


Whoa disturbing

Very cool

  • Ty


Fantastic work mate. very cool expression!


Fantastic expression, i love it! thumbs up

GrtZ, Tim :thumbsup:


heheheheeh very good detalis by the face is very funny & very good kissing by the face & amazing big eyes

good luck 4 ever :beer:


WOW! great work. Spectacular character :bounce: