BABY LANGUAGE (animation)


after long time I am ready to make somthing worth this years of study and work
i hope it will be at the level i’am planning,
i willl post the story later and wanna start with the modeling


Am not going to be fast in this cause i am having some other things arround to be finished
so this how i start:


more work …


i am still working :thumbsup:


hes nose will start like this…


amm i start to make the eye:


attaching things together … :slight_smile:


face???.. I donno


its nice, perhaps soften the lips a lil since its a baby( not a babe ).
i really like those ears by the way, nice style :thumbsup:


oh … its babe also :thumbsup:

here is some more steps


working on the body


some des. to the chest



I guess I have no more space to add more work

Actually I wanted to upgrade my account but I have some problems with my visa

I will fix that very soon and will [font=‘Times New Roman’][color=white]continue this project [/color][/font]

this is the last update …


i had enough fo now i hope you like this …
wish to see some critiques…



OK … My plan was to make several babies with deferent colors specking the agooo

And some short stories will be going around
the broblem I have is to use the fur and hair
it makes my pc hanging :slight_smile:

Am thinking of making it with normal materials




very cute work splotch looking forward to see more, the light is so bright try to darken it.


about the light … i will see when u get the model finished… sorry


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