B-Movie Entry: Yuriy Lozitskiy


Making a layout of the animation to see how it is feeling.

I have a problem where I can’t upload my flv video with CGuploader and I get this message:
“this feature is only available to cgs members”

But here is a video anyway for now:


Very nice modeling, and texturing job. The animation is very good. Timing is right. I like the poses.

Good job and keep up!


Cool poses.

I’m having the same issue of not being able to upload a flv with the cgUploader. Hope you figure it out.


Thank you for the comments

Finished the layout of the animation.
Next up is to make basic textures before animating the whole thing.



this might be too late for you, since it looks like you have finished rigging and skinning.

i looked at your blocking ->
and if you want really really nice poses - it would do your character good if you added a joint between the shoulder and elbow, and a joint between the elbow and the wrist. This joint should be free transformed to create more fluid poses, so you would avoid those not so nice looking straight arms.

your set up (x shoulder, o elbow, C hand)

awesome posing setup (x shoulder, z awesome joint, o elbow, z awesome joint, C hand)

good luck. the idea is funny.


Thank you for bringing it up.
I do have that setup in my rig, but I have never used bendable limbs like that. I am interested in trying it out though.

Making a base layer for the character’s color map to see how it deforms during the animation process.


worked out the basic colors of the main character.


worked out the basic colors of the main character.


Hi, Yura. What the 3d application you use?


I used 3ds max for all of the modeling and maya for all of the rigging and animation.


working on the animation.

here is the video:

still can’t upload the video to cgSociety, any help?


Taking a slightly different approach at the animation:



wow, very nice animation.


Thank you.

Blocked out the character animation only.
Up next is splining and cleaning up.


Admins, I am still unable to upload video through CGUploader because I am not a cgs member.
Any help?


Worked on second pass character timing and weight animation.


Admins, I am still unable to upload video through CGUploader because I am not a cgs member.
Any help?


Are you sure you are using the ChallengeUploader not the CGUploader ?


Thank you khendar. I will try that.

spline pass frames 1-400.



Software: Maya

working on frames 1-400

Play Video >>

same video as above but this time it is through cgsociety uploader


Software: Maya,mental ray

Worked on frames 400-500.

Had some fun playing with time warping. Let me know what you think.

Play Video >>


great animation. nice work.
when you “break the elbow” you really “break the elbow”. personally i think that it would like better with a litte shoulder rotation so it would like more believable and less rag doll. he is also a little rubbery coming out the yawn/stretch. the rest of your animation has a lot more snap to it.
i like the overall speed of the piece, but you might want to slow down the stretch, let him enjoy it.
drinking the coffee, opening the fridge is all well executed.
the first egg crack is good, the second need a harder/faster hit by just a little, the third a lot faster.
I totally miss that he grabs the egg as he turns. maybe a camera close up on the hand/egg on those frames if you want to keep that timing.
I like the throw.
I would say the dramatic pose at the end is too much but it feeds into the overly dramatic covering his eyes that he does. So it works as a consistent bit.

Anyway that’s my thoughts, hope it’s not too much. Keep up the good work.