B-Movie Entry: Yuriy Lozitskiy


combined character and the room to see if they work together.


I feel like he is a little too pink, with perhaps too much scattering… But the modelling is great, he manages to fit his background, and I can’t wait to see it textured.


The kitchen is very good.
I like the character.
Can’t wait to see the animation :wink:


I really like the details on the kitchen. I can’t wait to see you put texture on it.


Thank you for the comments.
I am looking forward to texturing and animation. The rig for the character is finished including the facial setup. Next I will finish up all the kitchen and prop modeling while testing it with the kitchen rig for intersection and such. Once that’s done, it is UV time, so excited…

Working on the light setup and models to make sure that light fixture geometry is going to work with light setup.


Working on the skeleton of the character as it will be used in the end of the animation.


Almost finished the skeleton today, only a few bones left.


finished the skeleton and it fits right inside the character.


This is the finished mesh for the character.


This is the final mesh for the character’s skeleton.


Finishing up all of the items in the kitchen, just a few props left.


Finished all the modeling for this animation, onto UVing now.


Here are all iso views of the room.


Finished the character’s uv layout.


It’s growing up great i think…
Waiting for the textures to be done…
Good work…


Thank you for the comments

Layed out UVs for the skeleton. Next up is the kitchen.


Unwrapping the room, still need to do the props and than just pack it all on a few 4k maps.


Finished UVs on the room. 1 of 3 4k maps.


Finished UVs on the room. 2 of 3 4k maps.


Finished UVs on the room. 3 of 3 4k maps.