B-Movie Entry: Yuriy Lozitskiy


I really dig the preproduction of this one so far :slight_smile:
Nice character development and storyboards!


Thank you for the comments

This is the design of the environment.


here are the elevations


working on the environment.


working on the room and some minor updates on the character.


more work done on the room


finisedh the room. next on the list is all the props


adding final touches to the guy


Started to do some R&D on the egg monster.




Thats Interesting one. I m curious now to see more about your monster.

Good Luck :applause:


working on the rig for the character. body is almost done, next up is the face rig.


Adding more detail and items to the scene.

At the same time testing out lighting.


testing a chrome material in the room.


the kitchen is looking pretty good. Nice render too. this should be fun to watch… keep it up.


Thank you for the comment.

Working on making a bone driven blend shapes, sort of.
So far I have an open shape and a smile shape. I will post an animation of those soon.


I really like your character design and your concept. Made me giggle a little bit. One thing that I can suggest is that your kitchen doesn’t fit the character design too well. The kitchen comes off as too realistic compared to your main character. Maybe cartoon up the kitchen a bit.


Great modeling mate. As RavenEye said. Its too realistic for that kind of a character.

Also the character is awesome, face is killer…only thing I didnt like is the belly. To big for that skinny face. But thats my opinion.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the comments and input.

Have not really occurred to me the style difference (been staring it for too long). I will probably change the kitchen to match the character, once I finish making all of the meshes. Not sure how to go about doing that yet.

Here is the video of the blend shapes working:



working on more blend shapes.


All of the blend shapes driven by bones, so I will have fine adjustment control of the whole face.