B-Movie Entry: Yuriy Lozitskiy


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Trailer


My idea for doing a video is:

“Attack of the unbreakable eggs”


gathering some images to narrow down the idea of the look, feel, mood, etc…


Here is the tentative script for my entry:


The kitchen is clean, but the fridge door is open.
A guy stumbles into the kitchen and his eyes are barely open.
He is still wearing his pajamas.
He turns to the fridge and realizes it is open.
He stares at it for a second while rubbing his eye.
He shrugs it off and reaches in to get some bacon and eggs.
The guy plops a pan on the stove top, and puts some bacon on it.
He yawns while staring out the window.
After almost falling asleep he looks down at the pan.
Bacon looks cooked so he reaches for an egg and clanks it on the side of the pan.
Realizing the egg is not broken he whacks the egg again, same outcome.
He brings the egg up to his face for inspection. The egg looks fine, just like the rest.
He takes out a butter knife and whacks the egg with it. The knife just bounces right off.
Guy drops the knife into the sink and in frustration squeezes the egg with both hands.
After failing to squash the egg he throws it on the floor.
The egg bounces off the floor and hits the guy right in the eye.
The guy is now furious. He pick up the egg and slams it on the counter.
He gets out the butcher knife and raises it above his head.
The knife comes down right on the egg but glances off it and gets stuck in the counter.
The egg in the meantime shoots from under the knife and breaks a vase on the kitchen table.
The guy storms off into the hallway and comes back with a sledge hammer.
He grabs the egg off the kitchen table and puts it in the middle of the floor.
Sledge hammer goes up and comes down right on top of the egg.
But instead of breaking, the egg just splits into two.
Frustrated and amazed at what he is seeing, the guy just keeps on smashing the eggs.
And the eggs just keep on multiplying.
Exhausted, the guy stops to see what he has done.
The whole floor of his kitchen is filled with eggs, unbreakable eggs.
To his astonishment the eggs start to move and swarm into a blob right in front of him.
The guy just stands there with his eyes wide open, frozen.
The swarm attacks the guy and he is no match.
After being done with the guy’s limp body, the swarm leaves through the window…


part 1 of 3 of the storyboard


part 2 of 3 of the storyboard


part 3 of 3 of the storyboard


Did some sketches to figure out the body type for the main character.


Really liking the storyboards matey! I would never do such detailed ones but I admire your detailed approach


sounds fun! really like it !

and i love your storyboard, waht software did you use to do it? any specific or just some hand-work?




Thank you for the comments.

The storyboard is made with photoshop, nothing fancy.


Narrowing down the look of the character.


quick sketches to figure out a good head shape


working out the body and head together.


more detailed study of the head shape.


Full body study of the main character.


made head plates for the main character


made body plates for the main character.

next is the environment design.


Main character mesh.


working on the head of the guy.