B-Movie Entry: Yannick Rogeat


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Latest Update: Final Image: The house


Au boulot mon p’tit pote !

Hey ! Nice to see you enter the challenge !
I hope to see coll stuff around here !
Have fun Yannick ! :beer:


I want something with à bear… but still not happy with the idea of the situation…

first Idea : teddy bear that play with humans puppet.




Did you thought of this idea late at night. (I have a Teddy Bear Concept too :smiley: My Idea was a Thrown away bear and now he’s taking his revenge on his owners. HEHEHE.)

Thought of this 4:00 AM

Good luck to you :slight_smile:


Oursman… bouahah !
I like this sketch !
keep updated Yannick !


Cool devil bear :slight_smile:
Nice work!


thanks for the nice words all^^
I think will try to find a better idea, i’m not very inspired…


Hey Fed no one has Done a Ghost B-movie, maybe that will help :smiley:


This may help give you some inspiration.

Cheers and good luck



Sorry, I’ve loosed my inspiration :frowning:
I’ll not have the time to get good skills in organic modelisation, and time is running out.
But I still want to give my little contribution to this challenge. So i’ll do somthings more simple, maybe some new ideas will come out during the thing.


Here is the avancement of the house.
it’s easy to see where the inspiration come from :slight_smile:
I still need to add details, like doors and wood plates. If some of you have good Ref for those sort of building, i’ll take !

little zoom in on details :


added some trees, ground and a fast lighting test.


Hey Yannick,
This is coming along very creepily!

I really like how you posted the work in progress stages of the house beside that image. :slight_smile:

Your latest update is wonderfully creepy! I’m really lovin the angles and the composition!
And the lighting test turned out very nice

Can’t wait to see some textures!

Cheers mate! :beer:


addind details


hand modeling, I’ll put two hand behind the shovel :


Texture add,
I think I’ll do the most of the work in Photoshop now, like a matte painting.

And I forget to thank you all for the kind word :wink: sorry.


a test with textures, most of them from cgtextures.com.

C&C are very wellcome.


THis is looking awsome! You definitely have a creepy feeling and mood in this scene.

Just Suggestions:
a fog effect will really set a more creepy mood (I think)
By the looks of it you’re making the house look run down maybe have some broken windows.

Great progress, keep it up. :smiley:


Thank you very much Aven99 :slight_smile:

yes Fog will be a good addition, and broken window with small details in them was in my plans :wink:

nice to see you like it


Wow, that looks amazing, love the details and the feel of the whole thing!!! Really awesome work :bounce: