B-Movie Entry: Vikram Mulligan


Vikram Mulligan has entered “B-Movie”.


I’m just starting to think a bit about what I want to do. I’ve toyed with ideas involving a giant Bonhomme de Neige attacking the CN Tower, but I’m more and more inclined to do some sort of tribute to Ray Harryhausen.

I might do a still of Harryhausen animating the giant octopus attacking the Golden Gate Bridge in It Came from Beneath the Sea. With only three detailed models – the Golden Gate Bridge, the octopus, and Harryhausen himself – and a minimal studio set background, it should be doable in a month. Plus, the Golden Gate Bridge and the octopus should look like they’re miniatures from a low-budget 1950s sci-fi movie, so they needn’t be so detailed. Harryhausen will be the big challenge. I’ve never modelled a person and tried to make it look like someone specific before.

Oh, well. That’s what these challenges are for – challenging oneself!


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