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Tyler Hiteshew has entered “B-Movie”.



The antagonistic entity of this concept is a swarm of extraterrestrial
parasites that turn their hosts into mindless, bloodthirsty zombies.

This concept utilizes dark night scenes accented by strong
environmental lighting; deliberately cropped shots to enhance
anticipation and intrigue; and ”startle” shots to keep the audience on
the edge of their seat.

Fade in to an extreme close up of a man’s sleeping face, a
hat covering his eyes.

Cut to wide shot of the outside of his
squad car, revealing him to be a sheriff taking a nap on the
side of a country road behind a billboard.

Suddenly, a streak of light across the sky illuminates the
tree covered mountain side. An explosion shakes the
forest as a strong gust of wind blows through the trees.

Fade in to an extreme close-up of the sheriff openning his eyes,
he has been startled awake by the blast.

Fade to black.

Fade in from black to a wide shot from behind the sheriff as
he creeps toward a smoldering crater.

Fade to black.

Fade in from black to an extreme close-up of the sheriffs
face, shrieking out in terror.

Cut to black…

Cut to a medium shot of a man sitting on his couch,
wearing a robe. The room is dark, the only light comging
from his TV set, infomercials can be heard. The man is
noticeably drained, eyes glazed over; attached to his neck,
a large parasite pulsates.

Pull-focus to his wife as she groggily enters the room from
behind, curlers in her hair, rubbing her eyes.

WIFE: “You pass out in front of the TV again, Harold?”

HUSBAND: No response

WIFE: “Harold, answer me!”

Cut to a floor level shot, the camera follows a parasite
scurrying along the floor toward the woman’s bare legs,
the scene quickly flashes out to white.

Fade in from white to a slowly panning medium shot from
behind the couch, as the camera moves, the heads of the
husband and wife are revealed sitting beside one another,
parasites attached to both of their necks.

Cut to low shot from behind a young girl playing with toys
in her bedroom. Something quickly skitters across the
floor in the foreground out of focus. The girl turns to the
sound of a dog whimpering.

GIRL: “Scruffy?”

Quick zoom to girl’s face as it fills with terror.

Cut to a high wide shot of suburban neighborhood at night.
A sudden gust of wind picks up trash from an overturned
trashcan, blowing papers across the asphalt.

Long shadows slowly begin to enter the frame.

Camera slowly pulls back to reveal a foot land on one of
the papers. The figure continues lurching down the street
at a eerily slow pace. More and more figures begin to fill
the frame.

Fade to black.

Successive close up shots of the faces of the small group
of survivors, a fade to black between each one before
cutting to the next.

A wide aerial shot reveals the group to
be huddled together, facing outward, clutching their ad hoc
weapons and torches. An army of parasites closes inward
around them as the camera slowly pulls away.

Cut to black, fade in title: “Mind Melters”

Wipe in sub-title: “…From Mars!“


[font=Arial]This revised script came from feedback from the team that the pacing of the initial script wasn’t “trailer” enough; too many origins, not enough action, etc. This revision also includes an element from an early concept wherein the parasites merge with machines, as well as humans.
[font=verdana,sans-serif]Scene 1: NEWSCAST[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Camera slowly pulls back from a distinct, old, TV set tuned to the evening  news. An Anchorman is on-sccreen.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman: "...The area was  evacuated yesterday and all citizens are believed to have left for  surrounding cities..."[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Misc Man running across lawn toward camera, trips/falls  directly in front of camera, face twists in pain/terror as something  attacks him from behind.[/font]

[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman: “…are still looking into what the cause is of all this madness…”[/font]
[font=verdana,sans-serif]Low shot of infected lawnmower on top of Misc Man attacking them on the ground.[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif][b]Scene 2:  HERO INTRO[/b][/font]


[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman VO: “…not safe…leave the area immediately…”[/font]
[font=verdana,sans-serif]Various angles of deserted streets; doors left swung wide open, broken windows, overturned cars, trash in streets.[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut to wide panning shot with  hero outside into deserted neighborhood[/font]

Hero: “HELLO?!! Where IS everyone!?”[/font]
[font=verdana,sans-serif]Quick shots of creatures quickly dashing around in the shadows, from behind building to building, in windows; the camera cuts in closer between each shot.[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up of zombie foot  stepping on piece of trash in the street, Hero can be seen out of focus  in background.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up of zombie feet  shuffling, dragging an axe behind them.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut to black[/font]
   [b][font=verdana,sans-serif]Scene 3: Crater/Hunter Intro[/font][/b]


[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman VO: “…We don’t know where it might have come from…”[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Wide shot: Mountainside, night  time, stars twinkling in the sky. A large comet streaks across the sky,  and continues burning longer than it should. The comet comes closer then  slams into the mountains.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Long shot, Low angle: In the  woods. A yappy little dog runs toward the camera with Hunter drunkenly  jogging behind, struggling to keep up.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Long shot, High angle: A  smoldering crater can be seen in the background. Hunter's dog runs into  crater, Hunter stops at crater's edge, slowly begins to crouch down  inquisitively.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Extreme close-up of Hunters  face, screaming in terror.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Fade to black[/font]
   [b][font=verdana,sans-serif]Scene 4: Workout Guy[/font][/b]


[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman VO: “…it’s still unclear why they are here…”[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut to POV of man putting powder into blender.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut to low shot of parasite on  blender, man reaching down for power button.  [/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut to close shot of face as he screams in  terror, the blades of the blender spinning loudly followed by a  grinding sound.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut to wide shot of the outside  of the apartment, slow zoom-out, silhouettes of a struggle can be seen  in the window. Something smashes into the drapes from the other side,  blood begins to pool.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif][b]Scene 5:  VIGNETTE: Exploration/Creepy/Teaser Shots[/b][/font]


[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman VO: “…don’t trust anyone…”[/font]

 [font=verdana,sans-serif]Low long shot: Interior, girls  bedroom. Girl sitting on floor, playing, in the background. Two sets of  feet in the foreground. Girl looks up from what she is doing as her face  turns to confusion, "What's wrong with your guys's faces?"[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Shot from inside dark  tunnel/drainage pipe looking out as Hero peaks in with flashlight,  back-lit.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up shot behind a parasite, Misc Woman walking  slowly towards it, investigating.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up shot of Hero looking  around a dark room with flashlight and something runs past doorway  behind him.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Low shot, Heroine in foreground looking around room  scared, ceiling fan parasite slowly lowers from ceiling toward her.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Long shot: Hero exploring  cavernous, dark, murky tunnel with flashlight(SLO Creek downtown/Cuesta  Park).[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Hero in room/hallway, exploring walls with  flashlight, freaky blood/biomass covering walls/ceiling. [/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif][b]Scene 6:  Workout Zombie[/b][/font]


[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman VO:“Be careful who you trust.”[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Wide shot of Hero as he comes  across Workout Guy in front of his apartment, behind a car.[/font]

Workout Guy: “help me…please…”[/font]
[font=verdana,sans-serif]Medium shot behind Workout Guy: Something is wrong with him, he is dirty and covered in blood and biomass.[/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Medium shot, behind Hero, he slowly moves toward  Workout Guy.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Medium shot: Workout Guy zombie(Mouth-in-neck)  slowly walks toward camera, head slowly rocks backward revealing a large  mouth in his neck.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif][b]Scene 7: VIGNETTE:  Survival/Escape Shots[/b][/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Camera follows from behind as  Hero is running down hall, looking over shoulder back at camera and  whatever is chasing him. He barely makes it through a door and slams it  behind him.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up shot of Heroine standing against wall  around the corner from long hallway, something scary slowly lurks down  it towards her.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up side shot of Heroine  in closet, hand over mouth in fear, light comes in from crack under  door, shadows shifting from other side.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Medium shot, external of  house, open kitchen window. Parasite climbs up wall and into window.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]First person camera, dollying  backward up stairs: Hero & Heroine being chased up winding stairs of  parking structure.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Wide shot: Silhouettes/shadows on alley wall. Zombie  attacking Misc Man. Awesome sound effects.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up Heroine, face and  body are pressed against a door making sure nothing can come in. Door  begins to shake and she begins to cry hysterically. [/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Medium-wide shot: Hero walking  down deserted road with shotgun, scared, shifty eyes.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Upside down Camera follows  parasite as it crawls along ceiling toward ceiling fan.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Low shot: Heroine stabbing at  something at her feet with long pole.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Camera slowly come around corner and reveals feet of Misc Man  on ground laying on ground. Feet convulsing/shaking.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Misc Man crawls out of dark  room toward camera, scared out of his mind, then a something grabs and  pulls him back in.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif][b]Scene 8: VIGNETTE: Action/Attack  Shots[/b][/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Slowly zooming medium shot: Heroine sitting in car  looking out one window intently, frightened, is startled when creature  runs up to and slams against another window.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up shot of Misc Woman  slowly backing up against bars, then arms grab her from behind .[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Close up, side shot, Heroine face-to-face with  zombie.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Monster's first-person POV as Misc Man falls to the  ground on their back shooting/defending themselves.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Long shot: Silhouette Misc  Woman running along top of mountain/building being chased by 3-5  zombies, their silhouettes show off their mutated forms.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]High angle: An army of  parasite-zombies close inward around the survivors as the camera slowly  pulls away. A wide aerial shot reveals the group to be huddled together,  facing outward, clutching weapons and torches. [/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Successive close up shots of  the faces of three survivors. Fade to black between each one before  cutting to the next. First Hero, then Heroine, and then Hero's Friend.  The Camera holds on Hero's Friend's face, slowly zooming in, as his eyes  fade to black.[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut to black[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif][b]Scene 9:  TITLE CARD[/b][/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Title card[/font]
   [font=verdana,sans-serif][b]Scene 10:  NEWSCAST/EPIC REVEAL[/b][/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Cut back to the news cast as it  continues, the newscaster has changed his tone because he is now a  zombie.[/font]

[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman VO: “…There is no longer any cause for alarm. Return to your homes…” [/font]

   [font=verdana,sans-serif]Pull back out of the TV, reveal TV is integrated  into Tower Goliath's(electricity pylon) leg as it pulls forward and away, rampaging through  the deserted streets of the small town.[/font]

[font=verdana,sans-serif]Anchorman VO: “…Everything is better now…” [/font]


B-Movie: Storyboard Animatic:http://www.vimeo.com/10760431

Storyboards by Jason Fuhrman, editing by Tyler and Mason Hiteshew. This  is an animatic we put together using the frames from our CG Society  B-Movie Challenge storyboards to get a better feel for the pacing.

B-Movie: Storyboards

Storyboards by Jason Fuhrman.


B-Movie: Live Animatic with Audio: http://www.vimeo.com/10711593
Shot and edited by Tyler Hiteshew; Audio design by Patrick Reynolds. This is a rough live-action animatic for the CG Society B-Movie Challenge. We’re using it to make timing and editing decisions in pre-production. Patrick put a fresh cut of audio on this over Easter weekend; the difference a quality audio track makes is amazing!


B-Movie: Motion Tracking Test: http://www.vimeo.com/10711434

Shot by Tyler Hiteshew, tracked by Eric Renshaw using Syntheyes; uber-rough test model by Jason Fuhrman using Maya. This is a proof of concept before moving forward with this technique for the CG Society B-Movie Challenge


Creature mutation concept art by Jason Fuhrman.

Blender Boy


Militia Guy/Gun Store Owner


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