B-Movie Entry: Tony Stell


Lol, this group together making a movie? Wow…
Fabulous contest, lots of wonderful entries…glad Im not a judge!


really great and funny b movie
cool acting :wink:



Thank you very much Flashgordy. The crickets were gettin deafening.


Hey I have not seen your work, if you can upload it to a mirror, great, I really liked your previous thought, there are feelings than i share, like the uncertainty, the, How did not I think?, I specially feel identified with the English thing, perhaps this message still showing my bad english, I’ll never know JAJAJA, but hey it’s my first contest, I hope to keep in contact with several very nice people with whom I had a little contact, especially to improve my English.
I hope to see your work soon!


ahh almost forgot, I would have liked to receive more criticism as well.


Since we’re still in the judging phase, I thought it would be pertinent to share that, due to the principal photography phase of this project, I just found out that I have been placed on the “hotlist” of my local neighborhood watch. I don’t think my neighbors saw what you saw, and I think that may be part of the problem. I’ve got some video of the mob showing up on my front lawn with torches and pitchforks. Can I upload that here? Does this have any bearing on the judging? I didn’t see “personal loss of social status” or “perpetual suspicion of deviated behavior” or "being labeled ‘that weird guy down the street’ " as points of consideration for a prize, but I thought that it might be assumed to be understood. Anyhoo…

PS: Still gunnin’ for the T-Shirt


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