B-Movie Entry: Tony Stell


no problem at all! shot 52…what dose that one involve?


That’s the one I did the long-winded compositing break down about.


He’s goin’ 3d because I need him now for more than just the end titles.


The art style of “Crappy” really makes me think of B-movie meets South Park. And your story/ ideas are just fantastic. Mutant poultry = Winner.


Hey Metal!

You wouldn’t happen to be a Full Sailor wouldja? My son goes there.


Here are our heroes sneakin’ into the chicken lair.

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Very good movement matching.
Can’t wait to see your project :wink:


The B-I-L just pointed out how awfully the shadows don’t match. Back to the drawing board.


So I spent a good bit of time trying to match the shadows in 3D. No go. Wherever the fake shadows and the real shadows overlap, the real shadows get darker. So here’s what I came up with: I rendered the shells right on the BG with a separate shadow pass. In AE, I used a freeze frame of the shot as a clean plate, put the shadow pass on top of that, and put the CG egg shot on top of that using a modified shadow pass as a track matte which removed all overlap. Fun, fun, fun!


This is getting complicated in a hurry. As I said earlier, all of the live action was shot in a day. Cool. The premise of the peice is two guys watching a Kung Fu marathon when they discover that the town is overrun by killer chickens. Now I need to shoot the movie they’re watching, a commercial that interrupts the news broadcast, and a movie that’s on in the background during the last scene. I used copyrighted material in the rough edit which I obviously have to replace. The effects for the main storyline are “done”, just in need of some serious tweaking and refinement. Uncle Crappy will be doing the commercial. He’s almost rigged and ready to go. Lotsa work ahead. Oh, and the whole thing is currently clocking in at 13 minutes, but there’s really nothing I can cut. Too long?


I’m not sure if this is the venue, but I’d like to take a moment to thank the founders and operators of this site. My skill level in CG can be rated as amateur or enthusiast at best, so it is really fulfilling for me to be able to interact with professionals in the biz. The inspiration and advice from the members is immeasurable as well as their encouragement and gracious attitudes. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to “meet” everyone and be a part of this thing. Does anyone have a tissue? Ok, time to get back to work.

Just for fun, here’s a linkto another idea I had for the challenge. It should be obvious why I went a different way.


Here’s a bunch o’ green screen shots (Just in time for ST. Patty’s Day, get it?)from the filming of the teaser this past weekend. We’re prolly pushin’ 15 minutes now and the challenge counter ain’t slowin’ down. Lotsa work, yet.


15 minutes… you are really pushing the envilope here >) godspeed,
but greenscreen wrinkles…!

btw what camera did you use for shooting?


Luckily, Keylight rules! It’s a Panasonic DVX100B. Thanks for the encouragement, I’m actually well on the way.


Composited, color corrected and enhanced stills. No wrinkles.


Software: After Effects

This is the 1st draft of the movie within a movie, the kung fu classic our heroes are watching before the chicks hit the fan.

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Awesome stuff, had me rollin with laughter. Are most of your props just collected over the years, or were they rented?


Thanks. Laughter is our friend. I’m not sure whatcha mean by “props”. The swords are Nerf™ and are the only physical props. The costumes have been accumulated over the years. The white shirts and pants the “good guys” are wearing are actually from my wedding. Yes, it was a bit of a hippy affair.

If it’s not too personal, I must know how you arrived at your screen name.


haha this is great - and so cheesy!

I thought the good samurai teacher had the “master sword”, but you say its nerf. :wavey:

good luck on the other clips you need to do!


Long story short: girlfriend had a hamster and i animated a sequence for school, everyone wanted to know what my charecters name was, and since his “manly bits” were 30 percent of his body weight thus Scrotal was born. It’s also my gamer tag for everything - brings livity to war.