B-Movie Entry: Tony Stell


Thanks. Laughter is our friend. I’m not sure whatcha mean by “props”. The swords are Nerf™ and are the only physical props. The costumes have been accumulated over the years. The white shirts and pants the “good guys” are wearing are actually from my wedding. Yes, it was a bit of a hippy affair.

If it’s not too personal, I must know how you arrived at your screen name.


haha this is great - and so cheesy!

I thought the good samurai teacher had the “master sword”, but you say its nerf. :wavey:

good luck on the other clips you need to do!


Long story short: girlfriend had a hamster and i animated a sequence for school, everyone wanted to know what my charecters name was, and since his “manly bits” were 30 percent of his body weight thus Scrotal was born. It’s also my gamer tag for everything - brings livity to war.


Worlds of tweaks yet. Just thought this would be fun.

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Software: After Effects

This is the commercial that goes between the news flash segments our heroes are watching when they learn of the poultrific seige.

My project folder for this challenge has just topped 105 GB. Jeez.

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Ok. Here’s where I stand:

All of the “raw materials” are complete. I spent the weekend working a punch list, tweaking animation, lighting and re-rendering. (If the Easter Bunny showed up at my place, I missed him.) I also decided to do a 2d animated title sequence I’ll post a roughy of later today. Am I gonna make the deadline? Well, I’ll definately be submitting. Will it be good enough to win? I should atleast get a t-shirt or a coffee mug. Good luck to everyone else, especially those who said nice things about my work.


Lmao, love the commercial! Fisht scene the hero’s are watching…beautiful!


Software: After Effects

Concept for title sequence animation

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Software: After Effects

Well, here it is. What a ride.

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Software: After Effects

Here’s the final, finished movie. I used every trick in my book on this so I hope that all enjoy. Thanks for the opportunity.

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And the acting award winner is …



Hehe very funny :slight_smile:
Good luck!



Racing to get a decent “Making of” up by the deadline. Thanks to all who gave me good advice and encouragement.

Beuda, there is no acting award. Are you trying to tell me something?


I’ve successfully uploaded my final trailer and final video. I have yet to uplaod my “making of”. Is this a rule breaker? Am I out of order?


Software: After Effects

Here’s how i did it.

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I hope to get some time to watch all those gems you have in there. What I saw is hilarious in its special way. Also I wanted to let you know, that as far as I know, your finished video should be the mix of trailer, making of and full movie in one long video file. If you dont have time to do so, upload your full movie or trailer as the last file, so it will get the exposure instead of your making of.


Software: After Effects

This is my entry for Individual Video. Per Juraj’s advice, I put all of the deliverables into one file. Hope everyone enjoys.

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Anyone who’s done this before, do the judges give feedback, winner or not?


Dvd complete


Very funny and entertaining film.
Very good job.

For the problem with vegas a reinstallation repairs the problem.
My old files stay corrupted but the news work fine.
I don’t know what’s happens.