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My friend and I got an idea, jumped the gun and did all of the principal photg in one day. It’s gonna be rotoscoping hell. Here’s a 5 panel composite of one of the shots. SPOILER: There’s gonna be fire and hot sauce in subsequent scenes.


Software: After Effects

Peiced together a trailer using bits of previz, going for dramatic effect. Original music also included. Models by Noggin and Digital Design from Daz3d. News graphics from VideoCopilot. Would you pay 9 bucks to see this?

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It appears I got started a tad in reverse of the conventional production routine. My brother-in-law and I got together to hash out a story. The next thing we know, we’re running around the neighborhood with a video camera shootin’ scenes. As the fx guy, I should have known the bind this would put me in. The rough edit with voice overs, tho, was quite funny. The concept is two kung fu guys who speak a non descript langauge the audience never hears due to classic '70’s horrible kung fu movie over dubs. Their town is attacked by killer chickens and they must save the day. The live action shoot, intended as a previz, wound up being a keeper.

In other news, it turns out the 3d model chicken I purchased from Daz3d (I’m not much of a modeler) has no wings. Shouldn’t be too hard to rectify.

I’ve written a theme song and am well on my way to completing 3 background peices for the segments that I think need a boost. Can we upload audio WIP’s?

More to come.


Software: After Effects

Can ya get more B-Movie that this?

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haha thats fantastic! killing a mutant turkey chicken thing with a child projectile! that’s about as b-movie as it gets man!
great work so far, you seam to be flying through it at lightning speed!

yes as you said in my thread, i believe we did talk during the secret agent challenge but i never managed to complete that ether as is usual with these challenges for me. but I’m sure this time i will! looks like you will this time around as well.

keep it up.


hahahahahhahahahahahaahahha that was epic…Killer Chickens… :buttrock:


I have recorded a song that will be perfect for the end credits. If I can get through the actual movie part, this guy’s gonna sing it. I figured out a cool way to do rudimentary lip synch in AE where Audio to Keyframes controls the Y scale of the mouth.


I am about to take you on a journey into hell. A self-imposed hell, I must admit. This is the dreaded “Shot 52”. It was shot with a locked off camera, knowing full well that there would be digital elements behind the live action. What was I thinking? Even if I was thinking, rigging a green screen in this particular setup was not an option. The hell will unfold over the next 6 posts. I can’t think of any other way to illustrate. The shot’s only 240 frames, but it has been an immense time sucker, a b-movie within itself. This is the original live action plate.


I decided to render the 3d elements over top of the original footage. I guess I thought if there was any bleed, it would blend better.


On the first roto pass, I masked out the slats. Not too bad, I only had to animate where the “talent” (I put that in quotes because I’m the one in the red shirt) moves in front of the slats.


This was the best I could do. I wanted to setup a difference matte to ease the roto pain but the jackass was standing in picture when I turned on the camera. I rendered the original sequence to jpg, and produced the best “empty” plate that I could. I should mention that I came up with this bright idea after hand masking @ 100 frames.


I got a fairly tight matte of me (our hero) with some choking and blurring, etc. But I had to hand paint the mask for that other guy frame-by-frame. You know, now that I think about it, he was making all kids of faces and rude gestures at me when I was off turning on the camera. Maybe I’ll post some of those. Do you suppose he did this on purpose?


This is a still of the “finished” composite. I did some color correction using Magic Bullet Looks, which came “free” with my $2500 Panasonic DVX100B camera. As this process progresses, despite the outcome, I have learned a lot during this challenge that I can apply to later efforts. Thanks for watching. There’s about 3 of you so far. Don’t worry, I won’t divulge your names.


I just love this entry, I really cracked up when I saw the trailer :slight_smile:

Nice to see a little step by step of your rotoscoping :slight_smile:

I think you could setup the lightning of your chicken better to match the filmed material.


JockeP: I know this is an open-ended question but, any advice?


what software are you using to do the 3d side of things?
and what kind of lighting setup are you using at the moment?


I’m using a directional light to match the shadows in the live footage. I’m using an omni for ambient. I’ve tried some GI setups, but they don’t seem to buy me enough to compensate for the render times.


one method for geting cg to sit in live action is hdri lighting, this used in conjunction with normal max lights are a good idea. this is also a good way to get the character(or whatever) to cast correct shadows and receive nice reflections.
there is a ton of info online about using this.

using just normal lighst in max can work as well so dont scrap what you have, make sure that the lights are coming from the corect direction of the main light source and start from there. one light is not always enough.


Checked a bunch of scenes and I’m pretty happy overall. The worst one, of course, is the dreaded shot 52. Re-rendering now with some tweaks. Thanks all for gettin’ my juices flowin’.