B-Movie Entry: Steve Bateman


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Latest Update: Final Image: Fungi


Yeah !
Steeve !


welcome mate :beer: can`t wait to see what you come up with :buttrock:


Hi folks, here’s my first idea, creeping damp eats Pete the plumber, expect fungi, gore and the smell of wet dogs.


heila Steve good luck to you too :smiley:



Hey H! Good to see you in the contest. I think this one is gonna be a fun one.


Nice, I can already feel something moldy, I mean funny, coming out of this. :thumbsup:


My theme has evolved slightly, here’s the text for a movie poster


LOL I like the testimonial…“Moldiest films…”


I’ve got my concept mapped out in my head now, things may change but it’s time to start modeling Sniffer


Hey Steve,

great to see you in this one. I’m sweating over your next update. Or should I say, rising damp.

I like your logo for the film title by the way

Good luck, buddy


Fung! hahahaha, now thats original… Looking forward to further progress


hahaha! This looks like it’s gonna be fun! ^^ looking forward to it


Maybe you’ll have a real truffle there!:slight_smile:


Great start for this - is it a well-trained attack pig I see on the right?
Love what you’re doing with the texts. Good luck with this one!


Hilarious! Great concept for a B-Movie theme.


Hey, Handlebar! Just attaching my self to your thread. You really to do some great stuff so this should be fun.


Good luck with this I really like your idea so far. And the mood is perfect!



Haven’t been able to do much last week, just started to rough out the fungi monster. Will catch up with you all soon, thanks for dropping by


Nice modeling on fungiface Steve. What software are you using these days?