B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


That is quite a lot of progress!

Somehow the bubbly miner doesn’t seem scary, theatening, or gross to me. Maybe it is the eyes being too clean, or he isn’t goopy enough. He reminds me a lot of pizza the hut from spaceballs.

If you wish to shock the viewer more you should think coming in closer with the camera and/or having a stronger reveal…maybe it quickly moves under a downward spotlight, the camera pushes in really fast and goos spills out of his mouth. Right now the flashlight shining on him seems very casual, as if the owner is simply searching for a lost puppy in the dark. The bubbly miner even breaks eye contact with the camera. Better might be that the miner isn’t making eye contact, or even facing the light, then it suddenly snaps to looks at the camera (I am sure there is something like that in the Thiller music video). Then if he did something more threatening like move forward, or even start to raise his arms quickly rather than simply turning on a light.

I guess it all depends on what you are going for. Good luck to you!


hey Jim,

thanks for c&c . This shot with turning light on came spontaneously . I wanted to put not too much work in it since i have more important shots to do. Way was to make this additional shot very quickly and it was easiest thing i thought then :slight_smile: animate it fast and redner fast.

I wanted to put a bit sense of humor :). Show low inteligence mutant and working bubbels on him. I have this guy in violence poses in other shot (out side) where he is very angry.
Im not planning going closer with camera on them - its too much trouble thing in such short time i guess - but for sure it would look cool!

Good point with eyes , for now i have almost all rednered for shots with him - i will find time later to redner extra pass for eyes .



this is really coming along well.

I like the texturing and shading the most. Very crisp and detaily.

i think it is hard to make something scary in black and white, it takes alot of effort to enhance the speculars and to really use blackness in another fashion than one would normally do when doing something in technicolor.
So I think I’d prefer the colored version more, since it has the redness, the SSS (which by the way almost desappears in B’n’W - might as well just turn it off, and get a super fast rendertimes), the specular dots gives something nasty to the whole look.

the simulation works well, and the look is great.

uh and for the eyes, it always looks cool to give zombies eyes like a cow, cus they are so scary and weird. try it!

hows the animation coming along?


andreasng - thanks, about BW - its only idea - for now im making all full color. But i like very much BW look - it makes it more B - like old horror -also it makes all more real.
Im rendering with couple channels ( reflection , shadow ect…) and if i wish use BW version for sure some of tweaking will be needed in composition.

About this noise. Its a matter of low rednering quality. In first i wanted this shot more dark, but later i liked more bright, i did it by exposure control - then this noise commend out. I will try to fix it in PS - background should be bit blured anyway - so i hope blur will help if not then i will rerender background. Also i was thinking to add some patricles in to air - to make feeling of air density ( dust,volume, ect).

About eyes , i agree, i will do some tryouts with them later

Animation, hardest shot is almost rednered , i will post it soon. Rest of animations are not done at all, so i hope i will find free soon time and make them asap. time is running so fast…


JAJAJA great work with the Fiat 125, in my country there are many, it´s very popular,
good Job!


super i m affraid! héhé :thumbsup:
and nice work too


finaly i have rednered al frames of all rendering elements for this shot. This will be last shot in full video. For trailer i probably will cut to best moments.

Play Video >>


I guess they won’t be eating muffins after work :slight_smile:
Amazing work, everything floodind with liquids. gore action.

Broken glass effect is cool, did you render it in 3d or this is a texture?

and again great work!



broken glass is done from photo from cgtextures. I edited it a bit in PS ,also i did alpha for after effects, 3 transparent layers of transformed rendered animation on overlay, multiply,and screen(to feake moving reflection on this glass). But im not very happy from result, wondering about doing simple 3d for it. But for now im working on open shot. Hope later will find some time for it.


Too much blood on lens, i can’t see scene anymore…hehehe…
Good fluids, good action. Keep it up !:thumbsup:


man your work kicks a$$…Continue your amazing work…


Video looks awesome man… I like the compositing as well, Keep it up… another 3 weeks to go :slight_smile:



Awesome work !


It’s cool!
The animation, environment, and characters look great!

The effects need a little love. The spray from the guy at the end looks like sharp pieces of glass rather than a fluid. The stuff coming out of the tower in the back looks like grey faceted baseballs. The camera blood splatter has a directional bottom-left to top-right yet the guy falls from top-left to bottom-right…try rotating those camera splats to match the guys falling direction. The stuff in the guys mouth looks like falling raisins. I think you’d only need a few goo icicle like things that swing around with a single joint, or a softbody. Maybe think about some simple sprite particles for a blood mist.

Nice work!


wow… cant wait to see the whole thing :)… goodluck!!!


thanks all,

amir jahanlou - … yeah, :slight_smile: i borrowed computer from my friend - now i can redner, do simulation procesings ect… while work.

harmless - thanks for comments, i agree with all, i dont know how much of those stuff i will correct.
Im going to show BW version where all those stuff seams to be covered then - but im missing other things as well … realy cant deside about colors… BW way i could finish bit easier all thing.

I had to do some for other shots and main subject is human miners and creature wall underground :slight_smile:
This week i will be busy so it will be hard with good progress on contest.

Im going to show some test editing with other shots ( open-not ready but almost :slight_smile: , mutant underground, tower with blood, this fight outside, and one extra shot i did in no time - fast comming out from tower tunel ) in BW version until they will not look cool in color :slight_smile:


Software: After Effects

update with other shots. For now BW version where all shots seams to work together. After open shot there will be human miners who discover creature wall ( those shots will take probably until deadline…) In open shot things like smoke comming out from chimney still in progress. Hope you like it!

Play Video >>


Very nice! Opening shot is very well done.
Did you use fume or particular for the dust?!

Composite is superb! I can imagine the whole thing will be great.

Have to finish my textures then maybe make competition to you :slight_smile:

Good luck.


thanks :slight_smile: yeah, i saw your profile studio and great things there so im sure u will!

smoke after cars is fume, rest is max’s envirnoment volume fog in sphere gizmos (sky ,ground)


Thank you for kind words.
And I know that in Poland there is lots of great artist(jugging by deviantart and cgtalk), beautiful women(deviantart again) and Platige who works with the Mill and got lots of highend shooting equipment. So here in Estonia we look a little foggy :slight_smile:

Sorry for the off top.

Again great to compete with such artist like yourself!
…and bring the color back :slight_smile: