B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


some progress on texturing and shadering. This mutant miner will very short on screen - he just get hit in head by mine axe :slight_smile: Rednering , displace quality ect are not final


another mutant progress, this one will be almost all 10 seconds shot on screen


i started to like BW version. I was thinking about it from beginning of this idea.

What do you think ? is it better ?

c&c are welcome,


Hi Staszek, I think you could use a little chroma wrap. :slight_smile: and you should definitely go with the color, because you will loose in details very much if you’ll go with the grayscale.
Probably I’d desaturate colors a little and add grain.

And there is one problem with your renders - characters look wet overall as if they were made of plastic. May be some parts of the body you could really gloss the reflections or kill them at all(hands).

but in general your work is great, hope there’s a good story behind it :slight_smile:
yes and love the realflow stuff !


wow, i prefer the bw, good idea.


Love the black and white… but you subsequently lose red… and your movie is “Blood Mine”. Blood loses it’s impact without color. So i dont know :shrug:


Go with colors, u really loose blood as subject in B&W. Keep pushing it’s looks great !


Grrreat Going mate! Really can’t wait for final video.
IMO colored version really looks good. Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Tell that to Alfred Hitchcock:)

You could go B&W and give the blood some subtle color if you feel you need too. I personally like the B&W version, nice work!!!


i would prefer a color version , the b&w looks cool, but imho its not the best way to go with this particular project , imho color + grading, and film grain in post could do all the magic for you and sell the atmosphere better than a b&w


thanks all,

im waiting untill some frames will render , then im going to do fist composite work and will show you soon how it looks in colours and BW.

digiboxoffice - about reflections. Im going to try out in composition other relfection intesity. I will try to figure more realistic look of them . In general i wish to keep mutants looks wet, dribble , slippery to make them more grose :slight_smile:


Wip ,bus on what im working , im rendering with matt material on ground and with motion blure - camera in this shot makes dynamic moves and this fast done object will fit in. I will use this bus in openig shot too.


Staszek i really like your work.I hope that you are the winner.Very good
mood and very good creature design man.


Software: 3ds max

WIP, quick shot in mine underground. Tryout with BW version too.

Play Video >>


drako3d - thanks man, wish luck to you too


Awesome work !


That is looking fantastic! I particularly enjoy his bubbling skin!


Very nice entry man. The amount of job you’ve done is quite impressive. Are you working alone? Are you full time on this project?
Anyway the quality of the job presented is very nice I’m waiting to see the final movie!


thanks all,

JM-B - yes im indyvidual entry. I wish full time … Im trying to find free time as much i can, to work on this movie. Since i did most difficult stuff like charcters , rigging, blood simulations, all seams to be going very well. Making objects for bacground should go easy , keep objects low poly, positioned to look best for shot. I hope i will finish

soon im going to show longer shot - i will show then some breakdowns how its made.


70’s fiat`125 for background rednering pass (with shadow matt)