B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


WIP, i started working on mine tower


i added some details and shaders , still WIP


Man this is really cool, love the camera work and the mutants. But why in the day light ?
Make some cool night lighting!
Anyway i wish u to finish it in time!
Cool concept and great execution! :thumbsup:



Most of trailer will be underground, with dark atmosphere - so i figure day light will add some variety to make all more interesting.


fingers crossed. this is going great so far


Working on envirnoment. Most of is very low poly, will try later how it will looks with motion blur.


envirnoment WIP


It looks great, very good presentation also and the expression of of drawings is incredible!


Only one man :slight_smile:
it’s a big beautiful works :wink:


Software: 3ds max

WIP blood fontain from mine tower - testing composition i nAE

Play Video >>


thanks all,

some progress with working on blood for mine tower . Still very imortant things to correct like white dots


really good stuff u got ther bro.

Amazing stuff goin on u r an inspiration for someone like me who is still an animation student but taking part in this challenge and good to be taking part side by side with artist’s like yourself.

Keep it goin bro :smiley:


OOOJOJOJO really GOre! jajaja very impressive work! congratulations!!


Very fast! looks great!


Very very amazing stuff

good luck

barzdo dobrze to wyglada


you sir, are insane. hope itll get even crazier in the finishline. good luck man :slight_smile:


Looks pretty amazing! I need to learn some real flow. Thats what you used right? Maybe add some more debris to mix in with the blood flying around, or some cables flapping around on the tower - just an idea.


Amazing job man!!! Can’t wait to see where this leads to!!


Zbrush sculpting. Fats work, for far range background


thanks all,

AlBrown, - good idea - it does needs some - i will figure it later because so many stuff to do:)