B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


AdrianLazar,harmless,pauloduarte,Richard3d,Bingu - thanks,

harmless - thanks for good advices , yeah for sure i will add fointain of blood comming out when mutant is pull of axe :slight_smile:
-subsurface will be too slow , im thinking about tweaking this by selfillumination pass… will see at rednering stage
-something in mouth would look awsome too i will try it!




This is very good. I must disagree with harmless, about the camera movement. I think that this kind of animation is what makes B-MOVIE. Really realistic movement.

One thing that catch my glance is the second lifting of the axe, or whatever that sharp thing is. It seams like its suddenly too light, and it can lift it with only one hand.

When it opens its mouth theres got to be some blood spilled on the camera. I think that will be good effect.

Cant wait to see this rendered with full effects.

Overall stunning character, animation, camera and film look… keep up


Nice visuals! were you inspired by ‘Halo’s’ ‘The Flood’ creatures? and ‘The Thing’?


Very nice work. The bubbles are really cool! I know you said that SSS would be too slow for this project but if you don’t go HD maybe you could get it in there? I think that will really make the bubble idea POP!

Great work though!!! Good luck!


nice animation dude, nice



wow, really well done so far.
Definitely an entry worth following :thumbsup:



Love the character designs and nice animation too.

keep it up.


Software: 3ds max

small upade :slight_smile: Wip, forearm limb wich one of mutant carrying. It will be tiny thing in shot but it was fun to work on it :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Software: 3ds max

WIP, very juicy mutants :slight_smile: . This is test of blood simulation in rf and first look - redner is rough for now( bg and all stuff are very test) . Still need to do many particles simulations, wet maps , mask ect. so i cant wait for a weekend :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Looking good and Juicy man! Love the animation and detail!


haha simply f$#%g great
cool blood


Great reality, and animation…
I like the camera shake and angel so much :slight_smile:


…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…the gore-hound in me just had an orgasm!! :D…Lovin it!


hehehe thanks all :slight_smile:

if you like this , u will find cool other action for this shot what im cooking, but im not going to show it yet :slight_smile: i will keep some element of suprise :slight_smile:




sort of reminded me this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CecM-m1d0Dg&feature=related - fastforward to 4:50 …gore . good refference for blood.

you’ve done quite scary video. :slight_smile:


one word … awesome :drool:


I like it.
Make sure you finish!


thnaks! i will do my best to finish :slight_smile: