B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


wow! you have a lot of great detail in your models so far! cant wait see the fully textured/rendered versions.


God lord Stazek! You’re flooring me with each new post!! I love your thread! :smiley:


Holy smokes that mutant miner is wicked. I’d watch this movie!

Very well thought out. Good Luck.


Jeeze Louise!

Your work is stunning! Not only technically but your vision is of the highest order!

Blown away!!


wow, officially mind-blown .


Excellent work Staszek!! :thumbsup:


Software: 3ds max

Just quick test of bubbels on character. Its blend of two displace maps with noise mask for now. I have some cool ideas how this is going to work in final. But its not work for now. I started mutants riggs and testing displace maps from zbrush. This render is total test - just wanted to show it bit better than preview :wink:

Play Video >>


hey Staszek, impressive entry :thumbsup: Can imagine bubbles breathing. Anyway, your mutants have an A-grade character so I am curious to know what is your main B-grade element in here?


woah! so coool!!


The bubbles are looking amazing. Great job!!!


Software: 3ds max

Tetsing rigg with simple animation.

Play Video >>


thanks all,

JurajMolcak - i hope this mutants, organics wall and this situation will fit in subject. Designs are different than typical stuff but its horror story so i decided to ‘fly’ with ideas. Also there will be some traditional horror stuff like limbs… lot of blood ect.


I think you´re right. Planet Terror by RRodriguez is good example of B-grade tribute with recent vfx quality. Good luck!


How are you animating the bubbles exactly, i’d love to know, u have a certain layer in ur diplacement which is animated or…?


hey Bingu

Its in max so some is called different than in maya. I have two displace maps one with bubbles pinch out and other pinch in. Im making mix ( blend ) of them using Mask (procedural Noise). This noise mask is animated proceduraly (animated state of noise). You can also use painted simple texture with for example animated offset.

For now im left this what i have now. Its simpel and easy to change. I will be sure when i will do the animatics.


May be this will give some ideas to play around with displacement maps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WElCFnsCXUk :slight_smile:

although I was wondering, Staszek will you animate miners mutation? I can imagine mesh blends but nothing that detailed as your models.


Hi Staszek I haven’t been here for a while and what I see is a great progress!
You’ve achieved the “B-effect” for this characters … Great job! No crit



digi_est - yes i was thinking about showing mutation. Im keeping it as wish list shot(s).
I will use displace, morphing many times esspetially for this huge thing what miners found


Hey Staszek!

Nice progress you have here! :thumbsup:
Good luck!


Będę trzymać kciuki, oddaj na czas, należy Ci się :thumbsup:


Very nice story, concepts and models.
Can´t wait to see it done!

Good luck!!