B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


The animation that is on his hips makes the walk look a little feminine. Even for mid to far characters you’ll definitely want to do something with the secondary animation of the objects on him—like the things hanging from his belt.

Good luck!


harmless - Thanks. Yes animation is very rough for now. Its test of rigging more than animation. Objects on belt are rigged for secondary animations. Im going to model, uvw, rigg characters first, later animatic and then i will put effort for animation,(wich is not my strongest side) then will start hard times :).


Looking forward to the animatics. Keep up the good work.


WIP low poly modeling of mutant-miner. Now time to do uvw and prepare for export to zbrush.


Stazek! man i love where this is goin…wow…ur making us all look bad! haha :smiley: cant wait to see this bad boy zbrushed up!


Very nice progress you have! Great quality like always! Best to you!:applause:


I have been waiting to see that low poly minor sculpted, like waiting for the premiere of The Wolfman!


Wow !
Huge work already around here !
The project looks promising ! You give yourself a hard challenge to complete !
But you seem to handle many things pretty well.
I like your ZB sculpts !
Let’s see what will follow !


Awesome concepts and models. I also like the way the story goes. I’m going to follow this thread.
good luck with this one!


Wip , sculpting details in zbrush for mutant miner.


maybe i will use some zoom or half zoom on this character. Will see later :slight_smile:


not much time i had in this week. Only couple hours for sculting. Im not sure that i went to creazy with this design :slight_smile:


Wow Staszek, your entry is looking amazing. Great work so far. Love the idea and character design.


Man great image dude looks scary as hell.


mid range character (mutant miner) sculting in zbrush


Looking good man! After seeing this…I’m debating if I should even try this time.


my confidence falls exponentially with each ridiculous update you post. absolute kick ass work my good sir, good luck in the competition.


another creazy mutant design (lowpoly)


great work man!! i will follow thi´s thread closer!
best luck!


3 eyes mutant-miner :slight_smile: