B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


hey , thanks very much , im very happy

zvrk - its even 2,5 months :slight_smile: and first half i could work most in weekends because i had lot of real work… check out the procces i showed - and you will see thats its not that hard to do , soon i will prepare some tutorials based on my entry,

thanks again,


Looking forward to your tuts.


Congratulations for the great job!


Staszek congrats, you had it coming! :slight_smile:
See you next time!


Ahah! I had a suspicion you’d win as soon as I read you script and remembered your glossy alien from a previous challenge. Wonderful execution, I’m very happy for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind thanks! It’s a pleasure to help :slight_smile:


Very cool .


I think of this film everytime I watch the news (the poor fellas stuck in a mine in Chile)


I actually never did but now that you mentioned it… yeah… you are right … Let’s just pray the guys in Chile will be saved …


That was really something! Excellent work, well done! :applause:


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