B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


I have to chime in and agree with everyone else. My only criticism is “More-more-more!” I’ll definately have to up the ante on any future challenges I enter.


Congratulations on finishing the challenge! You have some really high quality work here. :beer:

This would make an awesome video game pitch.


thanks all,
its very nice of you.

Work on this is done, but im so used to it since those 3 months… that i dont know what to do, after work…

im bored without my mutants project :slight_smile:


hehe I feel exactly the same, seems like too much time to spare now :slight_smile: … my wife is happier thou :slight_smile:

Anyway this looks like something that could keep me busy for the next few months: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMLrDEEsbdk


AdrianLazar, :slight_smile: i wish you luck men , you measure up :slight_smile: and you can do it! I will keep my fingers crossed and for sure will look for your entry in few months :slight_smile:
I didnt know about this conetst, Thanks!

I promised myself thats it with contests :slight_smile: but when i saw it… oh… i like this so much… hm…
I can only hope to not have time… because i will start too look like a zomibe if i wil spent one more ‘contest session’ :)!


we can make a huge team for that no ?^^


You certainly are a very talented artist! Thanks for sharing your project these last few months. It was very inspiring. Good luck to you and I wish you the best.


Thanks Staszek for your comments to my WIP.
My wife and i we have bet that you are gonna be the winner but the congratulations as i mentioned before are for all the artists…My best wishes to you man and its true that all the artists can make a big team…I love a lot your artwork…


thanks ,

drako3d, thanks - be carful for what you beting :slight_smile: i see other winner in this challange (adelben)

Beuda -yeah sure lets open here thread to gather the people ! - just joking :slight_smile:
Technology, ect,… those stuff will be last thing for jugding i belive. Idea, directoring, story telling those stuff will be most important. Even greatest team can loose with one talented directory student :slight_smile:
In general very interesting contest, subject is difficut because of huge possibility of repeat ideas.When i watched those 5 films… i was amazed . I like esspetialy Gift and Dark Room.


the gift is amazing, very great sense of compositiona and remenber me some “i robot” and others huge production. i think they had a big budget for this ^^


100% agree but without idea and director work it could look like only action movie - right ? :slight_smile: but there is something deeper, mistery ect… not exacly sad what happening, why, when, and who… i like such open ending storys :slight_smile:


WOW Staszek, it came out amazing!
really like the tons of work you pushed out over there. congratz on finishing your entry.


very nice work,i like ur monster and general concept and especially the last scene with a very nice and natural camera movement during the fight.
i think the first prize will be for you or the blob outaspace…, each one deserve it for different reasons so good luck


This looks amazing. Kinda gross, but really amazing. Best of luck!


As everyone else has said, nice work. I am very glad you went for the color version, although I was fascinated by your alternative black and white experiment.


hey all, thanks for comments,

bstout - I liked BW too, maybe as the movie it would be better , but since its cgi challenge i decided to stay with colours.

RBahn - Yeah, i wanted to do something kinda gross :slight_smile: , in some B-movies are such themes

HAL9000 - Personaly my favorite is adelben movie as well . AdrialLazar and JurajMolcak movies are also realy cool.


This will probably win. Looks so gory like Resident Evil.
My top 3 picks
B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek
B-Movie Entry: Konstantinos Kakarountas
B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


Really good video. Definitely top 3, congrats!


CONGRATS mate ! Absolutely inspiring entry :slight_smile:


All that work all by your self in just three months?! Wow,
. I am speechless, congratulations on the prize.