B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


my friend herq77 is uploading files right now… i just couldnt upload them from my home… something is wrong with java uploader when i choosed finished video category…

it would be cool for future challenges to add notes about such problems. i mentioned about those problems on FAQ , i found there that for example AdranLazar had same problem. Its something with net provider and data base… im not tech, guy so i cant explain more detailed :slight_smile:

EDIT : right now herq77 told me its problem of java and 64- system… so now we know


Are you allowed to link to external versions of videos as CGS’s flash player is very poor?

Infuriatingly so!

I want to watch this so badly but the flash player is playing up again (cries like a girl).


sure, im going to prepare files on you tube , but bit later

now i have to work :slight_smile:


shame its unwatchable so far


That’s absolutely amazing man. Great job.


I love it!!! Final sequence looks great. It is good to see your work delivered on time ;). Good luck. I will keep my fingers crossed.


How are you guys even getting to see? ALL the videos here are broken for me. I even download the FLVs and they all stop at the same time each time. So it’s not a download issue.

It’s not just the vids in this thread…it’s nearly all of them ???

But some of you are seeing them perfectly fine?


I have the same problem. Some of the movies seem to break and then forcing them to reload is often impossible, even clearing all caches (forcing Flash cache to purge etc) the movie will then play and stop at some random point and I’ll have to try again.


whee, but i just managed to see this one in full and think it’s awesome! great work :slight_smile:

I even enjoy the music, with the little bass guitar riff at the end which lent such a 70’s b-horror edge to the whole thing. Very much the sort of splatter-gore/grindhouse sort of movie I love to watch with a couple of close friends during the evening.

Awesome stuff Staszek. This is yet-another inspirational solo piece from you, well done :slight_smile:


Thanks all,

Sometimes are problems with flash players in the net. After download problems can apear with some players. I found that classic media player sometimes not work well , but when i tryed with ‘standard’ media player its working everytime with no problem. Maybe its flash codec problem. The same i had with all movies in all video challenges.

Im going to proepare version on youtube or vimeo , sorry you have to wait for but i had something realy urgent…


No need to apologise fella. It’s happening in other threads. And is very sporadic.

Your work is exceptional and I for one will patiently wait for the clip :bowdown:


Okay my comment is not original but I have to say that it’s a very good entry you’ve done there!


Great job, I love the result. Congratulations


here link to vimeo ( note that quality is lower… i dont know why on vimeo my videos are in low compresion quality…)



Everything looks great! I think the minimalistic approach to your sound design adds a lot to the B-movie feel. And aren’t you glad you didn’t make this black and white? good luck!


Looks mint dude, well impressed. Well done and good luck. :slight_smile: Hope my entry is received just as well! :arteest:


Software: 3ds max

My final individual video(trailer,making of ,full video).Note:contains violence!

STORY (Special thanks to Axiomatic who fixed text for english.)

In 1974, Poland, coal mines were shut down through out the region of Slask. No reason for the closures was given by the Government and this remained a mystery, until now.

The following account was recorded by some of the few surviving miners of that time, each one certified as insane by the government who denies their version of events.

500 meters under ground lie the scream filled mine tunnels. After the removal of a huge piece of granite miners revealed something vastly different than the coal deposit they expected and more terrifying then their worst nightmares. A huge fleshy body, as large as a house, slick and terrifying, it resembled no man or animal. Itâ??s long intestinal body looked to be filed with the bodies of the dead. It was a seething mass of blisters, veins, teeth, tendons and huge eyes. The miners could not believe the sight before their eyes and yet the worst was still to come as the beast wished to make contact with them. Hypnotised in the beginning, the miners willed themselves to run but their curiosity won out. A big mistake as their shift had begun early and their families were not expecting them until the next day.

At dawn, everything seemed to be normal. From a distance the coal mine appeared to be fully operational, the conveyors moving and coal dust pounding from the machines. Yet the events of the previous day had left their mark for, instead of coal, the conveyor was transporting blood. Huge fountains of blood, like a newly discovered oil well in a scene from the wild west. Under the main conveyor blood rained down on the miners who screamed in their madness. The miners were changed, mutated, completely covered by blisters and worst of all they gorged on the flesh of their friends. Of the remaining events there is little record as this is the last scene recalled by the survivors. We can only hope that this terrible thing was destroyed forever.

Special thanks to: IrminaMotak, PawelSzeszol, Axiomatic, freesounds.org, cgtextures.com, cgtalk society,herq !

Play Video >>


This video alone convinced me to start looking into 3D production.

I am often impressed by the technical competence of 3D artists, but I’ve rarely been so impressed by the aesthetic level and display of good taste and imagination. The mutant models and stylistic composition is damn near perfect in my mind. I would purchase the full collector’s edition of this grindhouse movie in a heartbeat if I could. PS liked the soundtrack alot too, fits very well.

Also appreciate the starter help you’ve given me Staszek, good man!


Love it! Needs to be a full movie :wink:

Congrats on so much in so little time.

I, for one, am inspired!


amazing really amazing. you are the king.

I hope you will make a full lenght movie which I can see in cinema.