B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


i like it man…I love your cuts,very impressive work man.Congratulations…




digiboxoffice - yes all flares and glow’s for all video i added in PS.


It’s exceptional quality.

Can’t wait to see the final cut.

The only shot I don’t like is the tunnel fly-through. It seems too high and not the same style as the others. Kinda game fly-through.

The lift shot is cool…especially the pulling up to follow the depth sign.

Like others have said…I’d like to see a full movie of this :wink:


Poster for my movie :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max

My final individual video(trailer,making of ,full video).Note:contains violence!

STORY (Special thanks to Axiomatic who fixed text for english.)

In 1974, Poland, coal mines were shut down through out the region of Slask. No reason for the closures was given by the Government and this remained a mystery, until now.

The following account was recorded by some of the few surviving miners of that time, each one certified as insane by the government who denies their version of events.

500 meters under ground lie the scream filled mine tunnels. After the removal of a huge piece of granite miners revealed something vastly different than the coal deposit they expected and more terrifying then their worst nightmares. A huge fleshy body, as large as a house, slick and terrifying, it resembled no man or animal. Itâ??s long intestinal body looked to be filed with the bodies of the dead. It was a seething mass of blisters, veins, teeth, tendons and huge eyes. The miners could not believe the sight before their eyes and yet the worst was still to come as the beast wished to make contact with them. Hypnotised in the beginning, the miners willed themselves to run but their curiosity won out. A big mistake as their shift had begun early and their families were not expecting them until the next day.

At dawn, everything seemed to be normal. From a distance the coal mine appeared to be fully operational, the conveyors moving and coal dust pounding from the machines. Yet the events of the previous day had left their mark for, instead of coal, the conveyor was transporting blood. Huge fountains of blood, like a newly discovered oil well in a scene from the wild west. Under the main conveyor blood rained down on the miners who screamed in their madness. The miners were changed, mutated, completely covered by blisters and worst of all they gorged on the flesh of their friends. Of the remaining events there is little record as this is the last scene recalled by the survivors. We can only hope that this terrible thing was destroyed forever.

Special thanks to: IrminaMotak, Pawel Szeszol, Axiomatic, freesounds.org, cgtextures.com, cgtalk society, and herq77 for solving upload problem - thanks man!

[Play Video >>](http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/player.php?entry_id=113347)





Because of uploading problems i uploaded very low quality flv so now im going to upload proper version :slight_smile:


very cool, love your entry. Character animation is really impressive.
Wish you good luck in judging!

I myself still rendring, about 5 hours more. But I’ll finish in time that’s for sure :slight_smile:


Great work, Staszek! Modeling and Texturing turned out superb. :slight_smile: We’ve been following this since the initial test renders with the bubbling flesh, definitely turned out great!


VERY POWERFUL ENTRY!Well done!Best to you!:bowdown:


Nicely done!
I really like how it starts off innocent and gets crazier and crazier.
The film destruction at the end is a nice touch.
That is impressive work!


Unfortunatelly I can’t see full clip :frowning: IMO Absolutelly nr 1.


Among all the quiality work in here I personally pick panorama shot as my favorite. Wish it was longer!
good luck & powodzenia!


thanks all, im glad you like it

maykrender - you cant see full clip ? - in meaning video not play all or its about my cut :slight_smile: of the clip ?
if its silly question - sorry im bit stressed because of deadline and upload problems…

i tryed many times upload separated videos with better bit rate , i spent all night… lot many many hours… its all because of some java and my net error probably… im waiting until my friend will upload files for me from his computer. Making of will be a bit different - i added breakdowns wich i had to cut yesterday because of file memory.


Entry with an extremely high cool factor. Superb.:buttrock:


Software: 3ds max

final full video, description is in the previous subimition

Play Video >>


Software: 3ds max

final making of

Play Video >>


Looks great man, nice skills :wink:


Great stuff. Glad to see you got them up. Did you figure out what was going wrong or did it just finally work?


Software: 3ds max

final trailer

Play Video >>