B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


congratulations man again.For telling you the truth i dont find the coal dust as camouflage.
I understand that you want to show more the details of the characters but as i see to your previous videos you use very rapid movements and a lot of 3d motion blur so details just like that
i m not sure if we can see it.I love a lot your work and you have to focus more to your story that
is very good.Excellent work again and believe me i dont notice at all that the resolution is smaller.



thanks, drako3d im glad you like it. Since then i corrected a bit this coal dirt on miner. Not much but most for close up shot corrections will be seen.

While working alone on this entry sometimes its hard to see, is something cool or not. Thats why im keep in mind members critics. Of course im not doing everyone wish come true :slight_smile: but im trying do my best. Lot to do … time is running…like you sad , for sure i will try to finish all movie first then working on one shot. Hardest things i think are behind me and i have to say im bit tired :slight_smile: of all of those miners and mutants hehehe and i hate creazy 24h day sound of computers in my kitchen :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s just awesome! :eek:
The last wip video is so full of realism and dynamic! And monsters are very interesting!

Good luck to you, Staszek!


Software: After Effects

3 firsts shots. Still im not sure about overall colors. Tunel shot needs more work. I probably will need to rerender it … camera should go a bit faster i guess.Let me know what you think. Also some of smoke and water drops from pipes could add better atmosphere. In weekend im planning to finish shots with discovering flesh monster and i hope some time will left for tunel shot.

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sorry :slight_smile: i just found that i did huge mistake with this tunel shot… all im rendering in 25 frames per second… but this tunel shot i did in 30… thats why in composition with 25 frames and this shot looks bad.
I was doing it in night and was tired… thats why i did this mistake , sorry again. In weekend i will do corrected version.


LOOKS AWESOME! Keep the color version,maybe more desaturation but just this is it.
Best to you man! Very nice work!


Looking good. First shot seem to dark. Saturation is good if you want to keep it this way through whole movie. But play with exposure and maybe some film grain/noise effects.


Staszek your work is the best.When you finished this CGChallenge you have to make a
I prefer the film colored with a bit of desaturated.My best wishes and remember its not the destination that counts but the voyage…



hi, Staszek as I see it there is no problem with frame rates. if you think there is such, I’d probably retime it in AE and make more shots in max instead:) I recall that you had this organic wall of horror - I’d rather see that then 30fps to 25 :slight_smile:
to me it’s quite perfect - good work! Make an audio and lets call it a winners entry! :slight_smile:


That was my comment sorry, Heiki was out and I used his PC while my own was baking textures.
human error :slight_smile:


thanks all,

this tunel shot was render abut 3h… no GI, no characters…all rendered at once… so for sure im going to rerender it with proper frame duration :). If i wouldnt probably i could not sleep :slight_smile: hehehe
this ‘frame’ move bother me too much.

Im going to try out other colours for those 3 shots ( after all shot will be rendered:) ) and if it will not help i will tone down saturation like you all sugested , thanks!


Nice sky and lighting.


Nice work.

For what it is worth, here is my 2 cents:

First shot–oil in tower is distracting, consider removing. smoke from towers has weird shape, doesn’t follow movement of sky…considering painting something and warping in post for movement, something that trails into the sky off the left or right side of the screen

Second shot – nice. reminds me of silent hill

Third shot – needs dust in air, flickering light or jet of steam…something small to break up the long shot.

I like the high level of quality throughout.


Hey harmless

   First shot - its not oli in tower - it coal and coal dust~smoke :) . This smoke is done in after effects so its chance i can fix it quickly. 

  Smoke from chimney towers. Its much more complicated than i expect.. im not fx specialist.. and i have to say its very difficult for me to make it right . First i had big problems with right speed of it. When i was play with timescale , speed was better but then i started to loose detials ( it was looking like blured). There is wind , thats why this smoke is going a bit to side. But when i did stronger wind then smoke behaved exacly the same but faster, and again when i was trying to slow it down by time scale it was loosing details... I was trying to add few winds with turbulences ect.. nothing helped.. when some part was looking better then other behaved very bad .. and vice versa with other settings.. And every test with even medium detail took a lot of time.. Maybe if some time will left i will try do another somulation for only upper part of this smoke and will try blend it with what i have now.

Shape i will leave as it is, true its wierd but i like it :slight_smile: I had hidden plan :slight_smile: - ok i will tell you , i was thinking about last shot where flesh creature will stand up from underground to out side of mine and this creature will be very similar shape :slight_smile: - that way all will connect as a puzzel :). Similar shot to opent shot but everything is destroyed and huge moster in exchange of somke from chimneys.

   third shot - exacly , there missing some cool fx. I was thinking about volume fog and maybe some water dropes from pipes :). I will try your idea with 'jet steam' - it should give cool atmosphere :)


impressive work! you should make this a full film! :beer:


since my last visit the work is tremendous.
one of my favorites

Cheers! :beer:


just : wouahou!..very nice job, again, and again,…texture, lights, model, animation, … ^^


Hi, the subject is a little too gory for my taste, but I’m amazed at your skills, presentation and the quality of your movie. I can appreciate the talent it takes to pull something like this off so definitely an award winner in my books. :slight_smile:

PS My condolences to your country at your loss. Hang in there.



Wip, compositing.

This composition test not contain one shot in the middle ( shot before eye shot). It will be flesh monster wich is still rednering. Editing is not final in any way.

Hope you like it,

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first to reply :slight_smile:
Very cool, the eye looks fears. In the miner 180deg. shot did you use optical flares? looks nice

waiting to see the wall :slight_smile: