B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


so now im quite sure the color version is the way to go…main reason is that the scene is a mine , and the blood blasting out of the oiltower looks pretty dark and black , pretty much like a regular oil blast out of the oil tower, also the splatter on the camera, it could be blood , it could be oil or even a mud , the feeling of gore isnt so apparent. imho a creepy color grade would work much much better.


mann u never fail to impress, your work is spectacular, thats great stuff for a one man entry, brilliant, BRAVO :applause:


The black and white is okay. I like the color better. Consider much stronger lens effect in all of your shots. The dust in the opening shot has way too large of a scale. It makes the cars look like they should be toys. The motion of the effect looks good though.

Looks promising. Can’t wait to see the other stuff.


I agree with harmless, particles might be easier to handle and lead to better fluids than fluids.

Black and white is always okay. At the beginning you did a B-Movie, then a Gore Movie, now i see a Film Noir.:wink: I love Film Noir.:wink:
Don’t give up colors!:thumbsup:


Awsome, everything looks top

BUT i don’t get the feeling of a B-movie. This , to me, feels like a slasher , a really good one:)

Personally , i think you let yourself go to much , past a B-movie



Such a horror and ugly there is everything :slight_smile: Dude this is so cool :slight_smile: but not B


Wow, such amazing work done here… everything is good ! (and cool)
and… you’re doing it alone ? this is just crazy !

I realy hope to see it completly finshed and no bad surprise with the dead line.



thanks all :slight_smile:

I have to find way to make it more B.Its harder than i expect. For sure in composition i can tweak a lot, to not rerender all , or worst reanimate or resimulate and rerender:). I thouhgt about painting over few frames ( things like more streached blood ect…)

I will do few calm shots (mine elevator with miners going down, tunnels ,miners who found flesh-wall ),it should calm all trailer and show better what is going on :slight_smile:

this week i have very busy so it will be hard to find time… . Goal is max.4 shots to do . They will be underground , it will be easier to do all area. I started some of it for shot where mutant turn light on. Human miners models and riggs i did eilier so maybe its chance to finish well :slight_smile:


Maybe you could try a few shading/textures tests. It doesnt mean that you would need to rerender your whole scene…etc…With masking, virtual tracking, layers and passes you could get a few nice different renders that you might then overlap, blend or merge with your others previous renders.:cool:
With dynamic masking too, you might for instance reveal some cool textures merged to your frames already rendered.:thumbsup:


Hey man your scenes look great, but I agree with kybel and think you need to bring back the color. There are points that are lost in the movie such as the blood in the tower looks like oil now. You say you need to make the movie feel more “B” like, but a B-movie could be anything that looks low budget and cheesy recent or old. Making it black and white doesn’t really achieve that effect. I think you got the cheesiness down with the excessive blood and ridiculous looking monsters. It may not look low budget, but there is something to be desired from the artist in us that wants to make things look cool, so with this competition that is what we are fighting. Do we make things look cool and real, or do we purposely make them look fake?

I think you are doing an excellent job with that coolness factor, the over the top violence and gore that is seen in B horror movies.

Keep up the good work and keep the color in it!

Also, well I was watching that latest cut, there was something in me that desired to see a close up of that mutant at the end of the battle scene. His face looked hilarious! :thumbsup:


Thanks you all for kind words and helpfull coments. I will keep color version.

ChristopheFauconneau - Thanks, I will try this things too .

Lot to do :slight_smile: I have idea for one shot wich shlould help me to get all trailer better. :wip:


This just keeps on getting more amazing. Great work and I’m looking forward to seeing even more awesomeness. :buttrock:


Looks great man! Keep up the good work and hurry :wink:


Outstanding work man!!!


Hi staszek !

I hope you will finish your trailer, it’s looking so nice :slight_smile:

keep going !


this is so freakin’ awesome


Still WIP. Im working on textures and shaders for human miner. For close up shot there is still missing small pattern textures for cloth and skin, and eyelashes. Mine axe also need more work.


I was away for a while…but came back to see more awesomness!!


Good progress. Looks more like camouflage than coal dust. Wouldn’t there be places where it mixed with sweat and streak, and places where it simply smudged/smeared?

If it is all shader based you might be able to get away with it if the frequency is smaller (so the pattern is larger).


hey thanks, :slight_smile:

harmless - your right about camouflage look. Real miners are totaly black with just white eyeballs :). I wanted to make this a bit less dirty :slight_smile: ( to see a bit character look) . I did very simple texture mask and i hoped that will be enouth :slight_smile: but you have right again - resolution is smaller ( i have to say - i didnt expect that any one notice this :slight_smile: - im going to fix it :slight_smile: ) . I will add sweat, smuged elements to meke it more natural. Thanks

  • ah and one more thing :slight_smile: i did simulate again smoke after bus for first open shot ( with smaller voxel size ) - soon i will show progress on this shot ( still rednering)