B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek


100% agree but without idea and director work it could look like only action movie - right ? :slight_smile: but there is something deeper, mistery ect… not exacly sad what happening, why, when, and who… i like such open ending storys :slight_smile:


WOW Staszek, it came out amazing!
really like the tons of work you pushed out over there. congratz on finishing your entry.


very nice work,i like ur monster and general concept and especially the last scene with a very nice and natural camera movement during the fight.
i think the first prize will be for you or the blob outaspace…, each one deserve it for different reasons so good luck


This looks amazing. Kinda gross, but really amazing. Best of luck!


As everyone else has said, nice work. I am very glad you went for the color version, although I was fascinated by your alternative black and white experiment.


hey all, thanks for comments,

bstout - I liked BW too, maybe as the movie it would be better , but since its cgi challenge i decided to stay with colours.

RBahn - Yeah, i wanted to do something kinda gross :slight_smile: , in some B-movies are such themes

HAL9000 - Personaly my favorite is adelben movie as well . AdrialLazar and JurajMolcak movies are also realy cool.


This will probably win. Looks so gory like Resident Evil.
My top 3 picks
B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek
B-Movie Entry: Konstantinos Kakarountas
B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


Really good video. Definitely top 3, congrats!


CONGRATS mate ! Absolutely inspiring entry :slight_smile:


All that work all by your self in just three months?! Wow,
. I am speechless, congratulations on the prize.


hey , thanks very much , im very happy

zvrk - its even 2,5 months :slight_smile: and first half i could work most in weekends because i had lot of real work… check out the procces i showed - and you will see thats its not that hard to do , soon i will prepare some tutorials based on my entry,

thanks again,


Looking forward to your tuts.


Congratulations for the great job!


Staszek congrats, you had it coming! :slight_smile:
See you next time!


Ahah! I had a suspicion you’d win as soon as I read you script and remembered your glossy alien from a previous challenge. Wonderful execution, I’m very happy for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind thanks! It’s a pleasure to help :slight_smile:


Very cool .


I think of this film everytime I watch the news (the poor fellas stuck in a mine in Chile)


I actually never did but now that you mentioned it… yeah… you are right … Let’s just pray the guys in Chile will be saved …


That was really something! Excellent work, well done! :applause:


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