B-Movie Entry: Simon Bull


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Latest Update: Storyboards / pre-visualization: bear head


welcome to all :slight_smile:

For the first time ever I will only be entering the video challenge :slight_smile:

Expect a lot of matte painting…lol


its just a base mesh


so Im going to be making a a trailer about “drop bears” a great
Australian urban legend…

its gonna be as b-grade as it gets…not hard as what else
can a one man vfx team do…

I want to pay homage to japanese horror with
loads of bload coming out of necks…

we will see how we go…


Good luck Simon! Have à good one! No image heh, too bad.


I decided to do an image too…lol


it may look extreemly dodgy but this is in super full swing…
we had a meeting today…

storyboards were done but will be re don over the next week

my prosumer camera broke…but i payed 150 today to get it fixed…its now working better than ever

we have narrowed down the list of actors that we need and talked about the people that might fill those roles

we know pretty much all the vfx and sfx shots that need to be done as per the story boards

im leading vfx and mark sheard will lead sfx…
asking a good friend to TD for the rigs

camera is sorted

locations are up in the air

time is blah…

we will film first to the storyboards and work to that later

watched creep show two tonight…awesome inspiration


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