B-Movie Entry: Simeon Symeonidis


Simeon Symeonidis is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Attack This


Thinking about doing a spoof on Sesame Street. 50ft muppets sounds like fun.


this is interesting!
i am definitely following this
gud luck :smiley:


I love the cookie monster.
This one should be bout fun to do and fun to watch :slight_smile:

Good luck


This is really clever. Good luck mate



Lol, nice idea. Good luck!


hopefully the titanic cookie monster don’t mistakes the moon as a cookie… :surprised

however, great idea and best luck for the challenge! :wink:


Layout of camera, buildings, muppets, and large features. The next step is to work the color scheme.


Primarily black and purple. Red used for highlights.


Software: Maya

Too little progress to late in the game. Lesson learned that adding fur is a pain.


Software: Maya

Character displays his philosophy on life.


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