B-Movie Entry: sebastien chauvel


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Latest Update: Finished Video: The atack of the giant Hamster


Those are pictures from the main shot, story board/ previz will come later.


Nice entry and method. Is the hamster a professional performer ?:slight_smile:
Good luck man


Arh cute… what’s the radioactive hamster’s name?


wow ^^

I hope he will make a good player, easy to manage :slight_smile:

keep going !


thanks , the name of the radioactive hamster is “truffe” (truffle) . He’s not easy to manage, I couldn’t make the story board before those shots. to be continued… ^^
(sorry for my proximate English)


Hehe, the first thing that popped up in my mind, when I saw the picture, was one old but nice animation:

But very nice idea, good luck!


This is the storyboard …enjoy ^^


shots in Paris


Fun idea! Hopefully no animals are harmed in the making of this video. :smiley:


ohh man, just had to tell you that this could be my fave piece in the challenge so far!
no crits just yet, just commenting to encourage you!
keep it coming.


no animal was harmed in the making of this film ^^ but the hamster bite me three times…hamster prefer sleep to play in front of camera

-sorry for my english… :frowning: , thanks for encouragements


Bon courage avec truffe :slight_smile:
( keep going)


Ah ah :applause:
Good idea and technic is working with this challenge.

Bon courage :wink:


This is awesome. Truffle needs a fanclub :slight_smile:


This is the first plan Of my films for the project. The original shot and the final for the cut.

(sorry for my english…^^)


details of the compositing for this plan.


This is a preview of the plan n°2 of the project. I hope you enjoy this ^^



so cool and kitchou, perfect !!

Bon courage pour la suitte


…my first attempt to send the video failed :applause: