B-Movie Entry: Scott Neuberger


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: brain wip


please excuse my lack of skill with storyboard creation. the summary will follow in the next post.


here is the description of the boards, which should help if you can’t really see them.

Camera pans up to a shot of Earth in orbit with a slight zoom inward. Then there is a cut to images of children playing and adults working that are matted to give depth as the camera continues a slight zoom. While these shots are happening the following text appears

"We are living in ignorant bliss - Living our lives day in and day out, consuming and wasting - Completely unaware that we are being watched -

On the last image the camera pans up to reveal the moon glowing ominously

Camera now zooms past the image toward the moon quickly and slows down to a moderately fast zoom along the Moon’s surface until the camera comes upon a huge crater, then the camera descends into said crater. After a braving the tunnel the camera arrives inside of a large cavern where millions of brains are hibernating in an eerily lit sanctuary.

“The first intelligent life forms in the Universe, now they serve as it’s jealous girlfriend”

The Brains become rattled and awakened and now all of the flock out of the cave, as they move through the tunnel there is a flashback to them eradicating past civilizations - The Dinosaurs, Rome, and the Original American colony of Roanoke.

The Flashback ends with the Brains exiting the Moon and flying towards Earth, in such a flock that it their masses look like eyes nose and teeth of a skull.

A quick zoom to Earth and shows a quiet city scene which is quickly disturbed with a huge, creeping shadow falls upon the unsuspecting city. Cut to a shot of the city being ravaged by the Brains blowing things up with their brain lasers.

After watching several shots of the Brains level a city cut to a shot with the words “THIS SPRING - MIND - DESTROYS - MATTER” staggered in space with small city buildings scattered along the bottom. The camera fly’s around the words being chased by the Brains, and after getting past the word MATTER brains fill the camera lens, blacking it out.

The final shot is the camera panning up while slightly zooming out showing the Earth, now in flames, after a few seconds the title “BRAINVASION” fades in across the top with the tagline “DEATH - DESTRUCTION - CALCULUS” following suit along the bottom.


earth exterior shot. I changed the angle to get something a bit more dynamic.


Brain base model, 6,909 polys.

Onto Mudbox!




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