B-Movie Entry: saber kOUACHI


saber kOUACHI has entered “B-Movie”.


hi everybody great challenge as always , always wanted to participate never got time …

well this is a late entry so we will do what we can and with what we have so the story will be driven with what we can do …

so the resources :

  • one descent workstation
  • many old pc “just good for photoshop or some modeling”
    -a HD camera
    -lot of make up and green fabric

the team :

3d generalists with experience in arch-viz and basic knowledge with fumefx
good concept artists and good cinematographers
many many many friends and volunteers willing to help and even to give true blood in case we need … ha ha (don’t have money to buy ketchup )

the problems :

-TIME !!
-no experience in compositing or tracking or keying
-no money
-TIME !!

we will gather persons willing to participate tonight and will see what we come up with.

best of luck to everybody


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