B-Movie Entry: Roman Mrázek


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Hallo everyone.Itś my storyboard.:slight_smile:




model of t-rex


here is test image, how t-rex destroy the bridge.


I need help.



sometimes are problems with uploader. Try later , it always back to normal(working) :slight_smile:


It never worked for me, gets stuck at “Attaching file 0%”. Try it daily at different times to no avail.


firewall maybe?


thanks , but it seems, I have the same problem like Framed. I try it five days and nothing.
Maybe I put it in vimeo. But I dont know, if it is possible.


Make sure you have all the fields filled in and click on a software application option. It’s a java thing, too, so make sure you have java enabled in your web browser. the only problem I ever had was I chose the wrong category. It actually let me upload but when it was finished, it told me it failed. Good luck. Time’s a’tickin’.


some cars


some cars


some cars


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