B-Movie Entry: Robert Krinzinger


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Gastropoda - final entry by Robert Krinzinger



My name is Robert and here I want to present the first step for the B-Movie-Contest.
Yesterday I’ve done a scribble storyboard.
I want to realize the 3D-parts in C4D and ZBrush. The spezial-effect monster will be done in a secret way that moment.

I hope you enjoy the story.

Sorry about my english - it isn’t the best - I know.


btw: Thanks the cgsociety-team for this amazing contest.



Here is my an update of my challange entry “gastropoda”.
I begin to modelling the first charakter - the dog.
It should look like a “Griffon Bruxellois” but I’m not ready finished because the coat is missing. I do the hairy job after modelling the first human charakter. So I can simplier relate the size of the dog with the humans.




Here are the first background models. I was impressed by the buildings of San Franzisco.
Next step will be to do some variations of this house.



Hi Robert, I really like your building front. It’s really detailed, how long did it take you to model it?



Hi James, thanks for your answer.

I modeled it in Cinema4D and it takes about five houres. Here are the pictures I used as inspiration. The white house in the front of the first picture was the model of my building front.




here is the next step - some variations of the first building.
I hope you like it.



That works well, subtle variation is the key to a street scene I guess, you can then vary it more with textures. I look forward to seeing some more.



looking good man, love the building models, keep up the good work, cant wait to see the final result



Here is a new update.
A corner building; the first floor isn’t allready finished maybe tomorrow.


Here is an other rendering of all buildings.

@jimmyjet and ZombieRasta:
Thanks for your compilments it sounds good, that somebody recognized me.



Software: CINEMA 4D


Last days I thought about “how to make mud in C4D”. And here is the first testrendering of a usable setting.

Certainly I have to adapt the main setting to the final usage, but I think for the first test it is ok. What do you think?


Play Video >>


I like how the mud move’s. Well done



Here is a new update. I know it takes a bit long but I hope I will regain the time.

With this building my movie will start.



great enviornment modeling you have done here!
looking forward to seeing them textured.


Really nice work on the environment, would would love to see some wireframes… I like the detail you added. Looking forward too see more … :slight_smile:


Software: CINEMA 4D


Here is an update of my last front building. Now the modelling process of the buildings is finished.

@opentarget: thanks a lot - next days you will see the buildings colored.

@SLuedke: I’ve ad a wireframe view of the corner building and the movie theatre. But I’ve done the wireframe shoot “quick and dirty” (by screenshoot), so I don’t know if you see a lot.

@nathasims100: Thanks - the problem about the mud was to use only the utilities of Cinema4D. So I’ve to test a lot.


Software: CINEMA 4D


Here is the wire of the movie theatre.



Today you’ll see the specialFX-Tool of my movie set - the shoes. For the “slip-scenes” I’ve made foot-doubles, which I’ll move.

Here they are.



here is a first, fast sketch of the charakter Old Lady.
At this time I do some testrenderings of the stages and do some experiments with light. So while I have to render the testscenes I get time to model the charakters.

I hope you like it.