B-Movie Entry: Randall Bahnsen


Really nice. Love the graininess and atmosphere:cool: of this entry. Awesome JOB!!!


Your entry has an extremely high charm factor. You will do well.

Here are my suggestions:
Lose the scene with the comet over the factory and extend the scene with the comet in the blue sky. Just have the comet go behind the hills and flash the screen white or something else simple. The factory scene is visually weak compared to your other shots, it is redudant, and the comet appears to be in the same trajectory as the previous shot which is very distracting.

Try changing the current order:
existing fungi closeups, blue sky meteor, factory meteor, green alley, fungus over hill, etc.

to something like:
existing fungi closeups, green alley, blue sky meteor (extended), fugi over hill, etc.

But leave the voiceover the same… I know that you want continuity of the meteor landing before the mushrooms attack, but I think it would be more interesting and fit with the dialogue better. Besides, maybe the mushrooms grow crazy from radiation and the comet is some sort of catalyst. :slight_smile:

These are only suggestions! Nice job!


Software: After Effects,Blender,Electric Image Animation System,GIMP,Mudbox,Silo,Vue

Final Delivery for the B-Movie Challenge. This entry is for the Video-Individual category.

This has been a great learning experience! I can think of a million things that I will do differently next time.


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Thanks for the suggestions, they are much appreciated. I agree entirely that the factory shot is in the wrong place. I didn’t have time to re-edit the 30 second version, but I have changed the edit considerably for the longer version.

Many thanks to everyone for the nice comments!


Nice entry :slight_smile:
I really like the voiceover and the music. It goes very well with the visuals.


I really really like it! Especially voiceovers.


Thanks for the nice words. Glad everyone likes the voice over. It was pretty straight forward in the creation…I recorded directly into garageband via the built in microphone on my iMac and then did a little fiddling in post.

Thanks again for the nice comments!


Totally missed this one, really nice idea and well executed! I’d buy a ticket… (at least when I was into this genre more a few years back…). Love the title shot…


I used to love portabellos but…

Seriously. Great work. The mold shots actually looked scientific. I’ve thrown out all my English Muffins.



I was shooting for that old educational film look. Lots of B movies used stock footage/educational materials, military footage etc… to save money. Glad it worked!

Thanks again for the nice comments folks.


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