B-Movie Entry: Randall Bahnsen


This is my main villain, an oversized, carnivorous mushroom. Still working on the tongue,lips and inner mouth. Ultimately, I have only one goal with this project: to finish it. Trying not to get hung up on too many details. Inspiration: War of the worlds (George Pal version), The Thing From Another World, numerous Ray Harryhausen films, and Citizen Kane.


Major kudos. I’ll never be able to look at a portabella the same.


Movie trailer style. Opens with faux timelapse footage of various molds etc… Yes, I know that slimemolds are no longer considered a fungus, but nothing says B-Movie like bad science.


A fireball crash lands at an Industrial Fungi Factory, causing a horrible mutation to once harmless fungus.
The military is unable to stop the Rampaging Evil of:
The Fungus From Another World!


My attempt at a Dog Vomit Slimemold. Made from meta objects in Blender. Of course, this image will be degraded later with scratches and jitter etc…



Jajaja! great! very funny characters!


Thanks for the nice comments! I have to admit that I chose this mushroom character/design to limit the amount of animation I would need to do. No eyes, no arms etc…
Making this entry a movie trailer has been somewhat of a gamble, by trading off three or four complex shots for 20 or more simple ones. For the next contest I think I might try doing just a few complex setups that would allow me to focus on the details a bit. Right now I have so many shots setup that they are becoming burdensome…they never seem to end!


Software: After Effects,Blender

Primarily to test the flv encoder and the cgChallenge uploader. This is an attempt to create fake time lapse footage of bread mold growth. Created using blender’s hair system and comped in After Effects.

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Scientist watching newly forming giant mushrooms.


This is a test comp. Trying to get poorly shot video and numerous elements to integrate. Having some issues with lighting night scenes.


The scientist here is supposed to be looking through a heavy window into a containment room. My Wife thinks it looks more like some kind of freaky television set. Any suggestions for making this more window like? I am thinking perhaps it needs more bolts and some texture tweaks such as rust etc…


I think circular window could solve tv problem.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give a round window a try. Maybe it will look more like a portal than a tv set!


Software: After Effects,Blender,Electric Image Animation System,GIMP,Mudbox,Silo,Vue

This is the initial cut of the 30 Second trailer for “The Fungus From Another World”. Still needs some tightening in the edit, and there are some audio issues that need work.
Audio was created entirely in garageband. Editing was done in iMovie HD.
Added some references to H.P. Lovecraft…another inspiration.

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i like i like i like :thumbsup:


nice job , i like the voice


Great job Randall! The voiceover is a killer!


Many thanks for the nice comments. Much appreciated. It certainly makes it easier to keep plugging away at finishing this project!

Thanks again,


Really nice. Love the graininess and atmosphere:cool: of this entry. Awesome JOB!!!


Your entry has an extremely high charm factor. You will do well.

Here are my suggestions:
Lose the scene with the comet over the factory and extend the scene with the comet in the blue sky. Just have the comet go behind the hills and flash the screen white or something else simple. The factory scene is visually weak compared to your other shots, it is redudant, and the comet appears to be in the same trajectory as the previous shot which is very distracting.

Try changing the current order:
existing fungi closeups, blue sky meteor, factory meteor, green alley, fungus over hill, etc.

to something like:
existing fungi closeups, green alley, blue sky meteor (extended), fugi over hill, etc.

But leave the voiceover the same… I know that you want continuity of the meteor landing before the mushrooms attack, but I think it would be more interesting and fit with the dialogue better. Besides, maybe the mushrooms grow crazy from radiation and the comet is some sort of catalyst. :slight_smile:

These are only suggestions! Nice job!