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Latest Update: Finished Video: Teaser+MakingOf+Trailer of Pleasantville


My main character is almost done. I am doing a zombie film with only one human character and others are zombies.


He looks pretty solid. Spot on job with making the ripples and folds in the pants and shirts.


This is from my first shot. Guy is driving to wrong town. Camera follows the car and then shows the sign.


Here are couple of my latest zombies. My script is not finished yet but I post it as soon as it is ready.


Here is few facial expressions for my hero. Comments are welcome.


This is my hero for the trailer.


This is WIP of my zombiegirl. It will be first zombie in the trailer.


Main char and the zombie girl looks good…
Can i learn what software(s) you used?
Keep it up…Good work…


I use 3Ds max and zbrush. AE for editing. thanks


I didn’t use lots of time for previsualization because I am doing this animation alone so only one who really need to understand my storyboard is me.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

These are first shots of the video where guy is joyriding to the town called pleasantville

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Software: 3ds max,After Effects

My guy has gotten bitten and is turning into a zombie.

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this last clip is interesting. I like the mood you have created with the lighting and colors–it’s very reminiscent of a game-cinematic. I know it is still a work-in-progress, but one suggestion I have would be to make the man’s expression even more twisted and extreme right before the blood splatter, just to really sell the idea that he has changed into something different from what he was. I also like how you slightly changed the colors during this transformation, but maybe even this can be made more pronounced. this is just my opinion, though, I can see how you might be going for a more subtle approach, which also works.

also, one more thing. I think the words you have put in between the shots adds something to the tension, but I think grammatically it could be even more powerful if you switch the ordering and phrase it like this: “When you look in the mirror…” “…what do you see?” this way the actual question comes at end which gives it a little more drama.

these are obviously small things, but I hope they help. like I said, your entry here has some interesting elements. good luck with finishing this project.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

This is longer version of my animation with sounds. If I don’t have more time to do this then this will probably be final my version. Music is from incompetech.com/ and it is royalty free music from Kevin McLeod.

Thank you Nucron for your comments. You were right about the expression from the last clip. I hope you like it more now. English is not my first or even second language but I like words between the shots like they are for some reason.

Comments are more than welcome even if I may not have time to change much anymore…

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congratulations on finishing! yes, the facial expression is much better now, and the overall timing of that small segment is also improved. and you know, after thinking about it more, I believe you are right about the order of the words, there–it actually does give more tension because the more “disturbing” part of the phrasing that turns the question towards the viewer comes at the end (“when you look in the mirror”), which also works well with the first-person perspective during that part. so good choice, there! and by the way, your English is quite good despite it being your third language, heh.

overall, your trailer works well for the style; it definitely has the horror “B-movie” feel. the character designs were effective and the animation was actually pretty subtle and naturalistic. I also liked your lighting choices in the creepier scenes. like I said before, it made me think of video game cinematics, which was reinforced by the first-person view in some parts and some of the story progression, like when the guy finds a gun on the ground. one interesting part was when the guy got bitten by the zombie girl, and then quickly smacks her in the face. ha, I actually laughed there because his reaction was so unexpected and the sound effect was kind of funny. but I don’t think it’s a bad thing–it reminded me of some of the good, unexpected moments you see in B-movies.

again, good work finishing this project. sure there are a few things that might be improved here and there, but the overall effect is good, and with the music and everything I think it flows nicely. keep creating, man, you have a lot of potential!


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

Here is finished Teaser + Making Of + Trailer. Hope you like it. I just wish I would have had more time for this project, maybe next time then. Thanks for all comments.

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