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first idea.

years have passed and the citizens had slept in peace.
but they know: one day HE will return. and this time HE will pee on every place where untouched snow lies.

some kind of a movie poster.


LMFAO. Ooh the dread!

Good luck with your entry, mate. Hilarious idea.



thank you :slight_smile:

few changes.
added some lightnings and hair, hope it seems better now. :smiley:

however, i’m not sure if i should work on that idea further or developing a new one.


i’ve decided to go into a second idea, because of the lack of "b-movie"ness in the first one.

so, there are some minds i had tonight (could’nt sleep because of an influenza :banghead: ):

  • what is a b-movie?
    a b-movie is mostly of low budget, has unknown actors and normally points at the trashy/horror/splatter/scifi-genres

  • my decision was the genre of scifihorror :smiley: - brainaddicted green aliens, evil robots, cheap flying saucers, stooopid hooomans (“uuuurthlings”) and that stuff.

  • an absolutely idiotic-nuts name for a movie has to be found. something like “hooomans must die!” or “assault on planet uuurth”… maybe “invazion of teh brainmelt0rs” :argh:

  • “mars attacks” and “monsters vs. aliens” ain’t b-movies, but they’re full of clichés of elder sci-fi-movies. i think these are good references.

  • my idea is a movie poster. a huge robot and some flying saucers attacking a city, some actors standing in front of them, panicstruck, silly armed with a knife, a baseball bat and perhaps a banana. bananas are useful versus… uhm… whatever, a banana is a musthave. :smiley:

on top of the scene are some aliens, obvious green painted human actors with obvious green painted toque blanches on their heads as huge brains :smiley:

i will soon post a new concept/previs. :wavey:


Had a great laugh watching those people run from the terror of urine…Its fantastically original



here it is, well inspired by the music of devin townsends “ziltoid”-album :smiley:

forgot the baseball bat, but the banana is included. nod
there will be some details that show the cheapness of the used materials, for example the huge robot is made of a beverage can, the flying saucers refer to salad bowls and so on.

teh brainmelt0rs from the black voids of the universe started their invasion on planet ‘uuurth’ to kill all creatures called ‘hooomans’ and to gather all brains they could find.
the more brains they have, the less they would be vulnerable by the might of a wellgrown banana.
total destruction! infernal devastation! death to all hooomans! groar!


I like your second concept very much. The robots pose with the hand in the air is classic. I can see allready how the light and mood is coming along. I ll follow you.
The banana is sooo silly.



yeah I really like the second one too :slight_smile:


I’m really digging the second one. I can already see it. Good luck with it! :wip:


nice lighting! love the second one.


thank you, lords and ladies! your comments and crits are always welcome :beer:

i think i’ll stay by this concept. it matches my favorite movietheme and contains much challenge for me, (especially) concerning the painting of panicstruck hooomans.

good luck to you, too! :buttrock:


almost a wip.

no, it is a wip. :smiley:

added some lightsources, a foot of the robot and brains to the aliens :smiley:

not sure about the lighting of the aliens, they seem too bright to me. :confused:
these are not the final colors; i will change them short before posting a final image.


  • image size set to 2618x4000
  • colors of lightnings changed
  • detailing of braaaaiiiins, better explosions :twisted:
  • additional banana! antennas for the robot!
  • working on faces of aliens and hooomans

i’m thinking of changing the overall brightness of the image to set a much darker atmosphere. especially the robot seems to “friendly” to me… :banghead:

don’t know if i should add the silhouettes of one or two robots in the background - perhaps the image could be too complex afterwards.
however, feel free to comment. :slight_smile:

extraterrestrial greetz,


Incredible style. the difference that one banana has made is beyond belief :stuck_out_tongue: i jest haha

Great technique, those brain dudes look squishy



Youre progress is awesome!

I think the robot looks friendly because of the eye. Maybe if you take away the black circle in it, or make the ovreall shape more “pointy”.


Yeah liking the second one alot, captured the B movie element nicely and I like the big robot alot. You can almost smell the cardboard tubes used to make it :slight_smile:



i like the pees man…


thank you all and sorry @ raultabajara.

meanwhile, after having a weekend without doing something for the challenge, i looked at some posted works of other entrants and got v_e_r_y unsatisfied with mine. somehow annoying.
though i had fun with mine, it seems not to have the quality and “elaborateness” to fit into the challenge. it’s somehow too messy. :banghead:

so, again i’m rethinking my concept and doing some scribbles. will upload one within the next hours, i hope.


here’s another idea.

i’ve decided on the splatter/horror/scifi-hybrid.
some dark atmosphere and the adaption of the singleeyed-idea from my previous wip.

as a b-movie. the story is as boring as possible: humans on a spacestation on mars encounter an evil alien, all got slain except a woman.
she picks up a huge gun and then the “who’s the hunter?”-game begins.
there’s senseless much blood, too much gore, a sexy woman and a vile alien.

though this is only a sketch, i think there’s hope for it.

extraterrestrial greetz,