B-Movie Entry: Michal Lisowski


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Hi, I’m in, not sure if I will conclude but anyway :wink:

1 min previsual :wink:


New idea, works better IMO


I think it’s nice begining, if you still work so hard it will be beautiful painting.:smiley:
Good luck.


Hello there!
Nice set of the characters. Especially those technicians with tomatoes (?) for fake blood effect I suppose. I’m looking for more. Cheers!


thanks guys :slight_smile:

start colouring now


nice concept!


Wow great start, colors reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.
Like the characters :buttrock:


Coloring process…


Love these characters and this style. Very Rockwell-esque! The character sillhouettes are so expressive. Very jealous here.:drool:


Very nice style! Superb idea and characters.
Good luck!


Really nice…Colors is beautiful.


I like your works and will follow this one! Nice job so far. Good luck man


Great to see another nice character piece of your progressing well, Michal! I enjoyed your entry lasty challegne and this is shaping up nicely too. My only crit is that the center of the last image you posted is somewhat confusing: Where you have the yelling guy’s hang overlapping both of the workman’s hands and his face, some fo the pinks all blend together and make it not immediately clear what is going on or whose hand is where. \but anyhow, good luck with the rest, and have fun! :smiley:


Love the style ! Can’t wait to see more updates !


new body on the board :wink: cheers!


Very nice handle.
The colours are very strong. I love this.


Great characters and poses, they all work so well together, and the paint strokes are lovely.


your concept is amazing and your style is great!
congrats and good luck!


thanks for comms, quick shot, camera operator this time…