B-Movie Entry: Michael Wilson


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Latest Update: Final Image: Giant Alien Robots From Space


OK, I guess I’m in on this again. I’ve had to think on the theme for a day or so for some inspiration. I’m pretty sure now it will have something to do with giant robots. I’m partial to robots.

First sketch coming soon. I hope.


A collection of images for inspiration. Something along this line. Giant robot, screaming woman, etc.


Hey, great to see you in, Michael. That’s a really nice collection of images for stimulating the creative thoughts. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with


Hey, glad to see you’re in. I like the inspirations - robots can be really fine. Perhaps with some little twist to the story?


Glad to see you in Mike, resistance is futile. I love the idea of giant robots, a B-Movie staple.:beer:


Cool Mike. Glad your onboard. Giant robots works for me!


Ok, here is my obligatory crap sketch.
Now to begin the real work.


Nothing can wrong with Giant robots. But the brain part is pretty hilarious. Good start!


Yeah, I agree with Jacques. That brain is pure B-Movie brilliance. Bravo!


Here is my progress so far. Working on the Giant Robot.


Ahhh verry cool. His right hand looks like he’s doing the universal sign for money :applause:

-I like this concept. I like the people running and the hysterical chick in the foreground. That is SO B movie!

Have you seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? Might be a good reference for you.



Texture work done on the robot. I still may tweak it a bit here and there as the image progresses.


Now for the rest of the characters in the image, I’m wondering if I should go for a more realistic or cartoony style.


Cool killer robot, man.

As far as cartoon or realism goes, I vote for realism, with exaggerated hairdos, and expressions. Ends up looking a bit cartoony in the end that way, so best of both worlds.

Great entry. :buttrock:


Hey, I like that idea. Realism with a dash of cartoon thrown in. Hmmm.


Nice robot! The brain is a top-knotch detail, hilarious!


Ok, Robots are a lot easier than humans. For this one I’m modifying an existing female mesh that I have for the screaming woman.


Nice progress on the models Mike, that bot is stylin!


A bit more progression on the woman.