B-Movie Entry: Michael V. Blount


And the final product. As the note says, there are 2 switches on the Death Ray that will control lights in the front and in the sphere on the back. This will help to give us some lighting effects without having to fake them when we add the lightning.


A few clips from some of the scenes we have filmed already… 2 down, 2 to go.

These are pre-fx, so no post work done yet; other than a little quick color correction.


Some more pre-CG shots from filming this past weekend. These shots are from the ‘Battlefield’ scenes.

Only 1 more scene to shoot, then its all post work. And 26 days to go! :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

Added in the CG elements to the original live action shot.

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Software: 3ds max

Quick render of the MechaTesla rig. Will try to get a screen capture of the actual rig itself, which Karr did a fantastic job on.

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This is going to seem nit-picky, but I guess that’s what we’re here for. Everything you’ve done is top notch but there’s something about the muzzle flashes that seems wonky. Maybe they’re too crisp, need a little blur. Again, everything esle I’ve seen is inspiring, impressive and amazing. Way to go all out.


Thanks. You are absolutely right. If I have time I will fix them. I think they need to be slightly transparent and blurred out. Probably smaller too.


Software: After Effects

Getting close! Still some FX and editting to get done, but think we’re almost there. :wink:

Here’s the editted shot of Tesla, making some final adjustments to his careless invention–The Death Ray

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We -finally- decided on a name for the movie. Albeit long, we think it fits. :wink:

Preorder tickets now!!

Nikola Tesla and the Fall of the Third Reich


Hey everyone! It’s been a long journey, but we’ve finally made it. We’re exporting the first wave of our finals, the 30sec spot and the full-length theatrical trailer. They should be ready to upload soon, so taking the time to make sure the credits for everyone’s work gets posted.

And hopefully by the end of the night, we’ll have our ‘Making Of’ video up. We’re trying to do something a little different with it. :wink: :arteest:


Jon Lolley - Nikola Tesla
Kareem Marquez - Adolf Hitler and Nazi Soldier Zwei
Jermaine Thompson - Allied Soldier One
Richard Williams - Allied Commander
Michael Blount - Nazi Soldier Ein
Fischer Hall - Allied Scout

Michael Blount - Director, Producer, Cinematography, Story Writer, Modeling, Animation, Compositing, Choreography, Character Design, Caffeine Pusher

Erik Blyseth - Music, Director of Photography, Cinematography, Sound Design, Set Design, Animation, Compositing, Modeling

Kareem Marquez - Set Design, Storyboard, Concept Artist, Modeling, Animation, Compositing, MechaTesla Design and Character Rigging

Toby Hall - Executive Producer, Art Director, Assistant to the Assistant Director

And a special thanks to my wife, who has become a CG Challenge Widow for the last few weeks, for being our Makeup Artist! :wink: <3 :love:


Final 1 of 3: 30 Sec spot

Nikola Tesla and the Fall of the Third Reich
Full Theatrical Video to follow.

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Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

Final 2 of 3: Full Theatrical Trailer

Nikola Tesla and the Fall of the Third Reich

We hope to be wrapping up our “Behind the Scenes” / “Making Of” Video here in the next few hours, so hopefully we’ll be submitting that as well!

Credits were posted previously in the thread!

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Congratulation ! Now this is my faver entry :slight_smile: , looks great !

I like most this guy exploded on pieces, so cool!


Positively epic, guys! I wouldn’t be surprised if the SyFy channel gets in touch with you after this. That was worthy of pretty much all of their cheesy ‘original’ movies. :wink:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

Part 3 of 3

Nikola Tesla and the Fall of the Third Reich

We finally finished! We were a little worried last night, due that around 10/10:30 we saw that the tech reel could be a max of 90secs. =P Ours was currently in the neighborhood of 10 minutes.

We got it cut down, but it was fun making the other part which goes more in depth, so we may post that later as a Behind the Scenes bonus. :wink:


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Quite a big production you’ve got in here!


Thanks everyone, we appreciate the feedback! It was definately a lot of work.

Has anyone noticed any problems trying to play any of the videos? I was able to watch them from work earlier today, but seems like tonight the videos won’t play all the way through?

EDIT: Hrmm… a little concerning… I tried the ‘Download FLV’ link on the video page and the file it gave me was only 700k. x_X Should be closer to 30mb.


Added the video to YouTube in case anyone else had problems viewing it.



You have a very nice VFX piece here, feels like a B-movie thats for sure. I think a lot of people failed at trying to do voice over work, but I think yours works quite well. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks, Al!

We actually went through a few iterations of the voice over… originally, as it was storyboarded, the vocal track was going to come from segments of the scenes that were in play; unfortunately, the timeline started cutting into what we could put in the trailer. As a result, scenes like the Tactical Operations Center got cut pretty short.

Overall, we’re somewhat happy we cut the conversation out and made it much more brief; I think the trailer would have been confusing with various scenes of hard-to-connect dialogue. That’s why we settled on a last minute ‘internal monologue’ for Tesla. :slight_smile: