B-Movie Entry: Marley Mcleay


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Latest Update: Final Image: 20,000 leagues above the sea


Good luck!! :slight_smile:


Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey that was nice of you 2 to pop in, thank you both very much. and yes i think i’m gonna need all the luck to get this one going, hopefully i can get something up and running.


Not too exciting at the moment, i’m flushing out anything that comes to mind…I even drew an aggressive sandwhich, but i wasn’t sure about posting that one.

edit: seeing other concepts going the same way, i’ll have to keep searching i think


awesome start man! That was fast to have something so nice so quickly!


You know, thank you very much! i’m one of those who are slightly self conscious at revealing their early concepts, so thank you for saying so!.

Take care and look forward to seeing your art



Yea interesting one this…a big colourful thing with rather underdeveloped claws :P…

just wanting some big otherwordly creature to outsize some sea faring vessels

Take care everyone



Holly! You really know how to make some rough but very clear and moody concept sketches. looks very creepy.


That is beautiful! If you don’t go by you’re last idea I hope that you’ll at least finish it anyway :slight_smile:


cool concepts. i like the mood. good luck :slight_smile:


Thats so cool you 3. I appreciate it…I am thinking of going with the second idea. I enjoyed this muchly. Only thing is i have to repaint it as i only used 2k *2k pixels…Its ok though i can plan certain things a little better next time round…one hopes :slight_smile:



I liked that color but isn´t it to modern and highres idea? I thinking about b-movie budget? :slight_smile:



Yes i was very concerned at this, but seeing the inspiration section where there were some concepts of movies released last year. i figured hey if district 9 can be accomplished for a cool 30 million…Then budget isn’t an issue :smiley: haha…Of course i made that up…But you are right…



That’s fantastic and really cool looking. I would remove the sub on the right side of the frame and just have the main battleship be the center of focus. If you want another ship in the scene I would have it run parallel to the big battleship. Other than that you are off to a great start. Tough call on the whole B movie budget question. I think you can pull if off with this composition, you just need to have really retro textures and lighting.


Killer idea, Marley! I like your composition and big sense of scale here. I’m with the others - a retro feel may give it the scope you’re looking for on making it all fit that B feeling.

Looking forward to seeing this one progress!


nice colors and scale,
If you want to give it a cheaper look, you can try just using old drawing techniques etc, not necessarily make the thing itself cheaper in his design. It could just be a drawing to sell the movie, and not a movie shot.


aww so cool thanks to the 3 of you…I’ve actually gone on to repaint the image from scratch. its looking good, I haven’t painted in teh vessels but the effect i am going to try and shoot for is the water tank look…seen in such movies as titanic, tora tora tora…etc…HOPEFULLY it works.

Thanks so much again to you…




Yea a repaint as the concept i worked on was only 2000px in height and width…trying to get the water to look like it was shot in a water tank…will work on this aspect more tonight


I like this concept very much. the lighting even at this stage is really well done. Especially the almost rainbow like flare…