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Howdy folks. It was too difficult to resist this one. B-movies are too much fun. When I was a kid I loved watching anything that involved monsters versus the good guys and my sister and I enjoyed many a bowl of macaroni and cheese in front of the small screen at home while watching school holiday matinees.

While I enjoyed those films for their optimistic (if unrealistic) stories, I got a lot of bonus laughs from the tricks the film makers used in their special effects. Although to be honest, I don’t intend to be overly critical of them either because I did, after all, enjoy those movies immensely.

So here’s my idea. A group of heroic astronauts confronts a dangerous monster on the surface of some far-distant planet. Now this sketch is just to get the thoughts down. The composition is definitely not locked in, because it can be made a lot more interesting than this

Now, since it is a B-movie theme, I’m piling in a whole bunch of B-movie things like:
1 - one of those 1950s style space rockets, complete with long ladder
2 - the astronauts wear helmets that are really fish bowls with antennae
3 - they’ve parked their space rocket right alongside the entrance to a large, ominous-looking cave, without giving it a moment’s thought. So they seem genuinely surprised towards the end of the movie when some routine blasting disturbs some angry monster from within
4 - the monster is a fiendishly large reptilian beast meant to strike awe and terror in the audience, but sophisticated viewers like yourselves can see immediately that it’s a lizard with some strap-on horns
5 - there just has to be at least one astronaut who challenges the monster and holds it off with some stupidly-small spear (with which he of course delivers a fatal wound to the monster, after first getting a nasty scratch on his space suit from the monster’s claws)
6 - the sky should probably be some bizarre colour, due to the abundance of something strange and toxic in the atmosphere.

Now, to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this one. I have a huge amount going on at the moment and the next few months look like being especially busy and full of interruptions. But I will see how far I go.

Oh, by the way, I’m thinking I’ll work in 3D

So let’s jump right in then.

  • Mark


aah, its a mark david :D. good to see you, it really is a suitable subject to your style, so lookin forward to seeing progress.

take care



This concept is very nice…with the giant lizard like monster which will make a space craft look minute in comparison. And the fleeing astronauts is a nice touch!


Good! That is a terrific concept - right up your alley. I really like the lizard with the fake horns, it could be totally hilarious.
glad to see you on board.


Wow! All the cool guys are in this time!
So great to see you enter the challenge, been a long time, Mark!
Love the sketch and thoughts behind it, should make a great “Mark David”! Can’t wait to see all the fun
details and cool colors you use to have in your renders!
Best of luck!


Yay, Marks in, and in 3D too, looking forward to this. Just watch that rocket doesn’t get a ticket from an alien traffic wardon.


There he is. I was so much looking forward for you to enter this challenge. :beer:

Your concept is really fun and fits the subject very much. And it will be in 3D. Now all I have to do is to find those old red/green glasses and lean back to enjoy the show. :smiley:

Good luck and I really hope you’ll find the time to finish this one.



Dude your’e in!! Cool. Great concept. I like the little confused guy running away, now they will have to hold up blast off to wait for him and the lizard monster will destroy the ship and they will be forced to flee in a cramped escape pod…


I love the horns tied to the “giant” lizards head.


Hey ol’ buddy :slight_smile: This one will without doubt be very funny to follow :slight_smile:


That looks like the good oldschool stuff :thumbsup: I´m curious how this will develop…


Hey ! Mark ! You are here !
I didn’t see you enter the challenge !
Nice to see you around ! have fun mate !


looking cool mate as usual waiting for the most of fun in this thread :beer:


Hey Marley, thanks buddy. So we’re both embarking on another one of these things eh? I’m really happy you’re in

Thank you Yongkiat. I appreciate your encouragement. And I am mighty impressed with the modelling going on over at your thread too

Thanks for that! Yep, I am convinced that lizards with fake horns are a much under-represented group within the acting profession. I mean these days all the news is about Brad and Angelina, right? It’s an outrage and if I succeed in anything at all in this challenge it will be to do something about that. I mean, lizards have feelings too.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful greeting. But there is one cool guy I can’t find in this challenge - and I’m talking about yourself. Are you in?

Thanks Steve. Yep, where I live you get slapped with a parking ticket if you stand still long enough to scratch your nose. I have no doubt that such cynical revenue raising - oops, I mean, traffic management - exists elsewhere

Thank you! Yeah, I hope I find the time to finish it. I won’t bore you with details about what it going on here, but it is now difficult to find the spare time these challenges need

Thanks mate. I’m really happy to have in you in this one too. Your speculation about the plot reveals a great understanding of the concept of B-Movies.

Hey Michael, great to see you on board. I’m glad you like the fake horns idea. I think the B-Movie principle works something like this: the more fake the props, the more serious the actors have to look in dealing with them

Thanks mate! I do hope to have a bit of fun, but only in the most serious way of course

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I’m also curious to see how it will develop! But seriously, my drawing suggested a sort of cartoony look, when in fact I plan to go for something more realistic. Or, at least as realistic as a lizard with fake horns can go

Hey thanks buddy! I’m glad to see you in as well. By the way, I love those photo references you’ve put on your thread.

Hey Tony, thanks for the encouragement buddy. And I notice you’re in too. That’s great news


I’ve been going through some of my old photos and liked the look of this guy. It’s either an Eastern Water Dragon, or something related to it. Photographed in Queensland on a Canon 40D

So anyway, this is the kind of critter I’ll base the ‘monster’ on. It has to look scary but definitely not too scary. Stick a pair of paper mache horns on him and he should fit the tone of the movie perfectly.

  • Mark


seems like a funny idea ya got there :slight_smile:


Hi Mona, it’s great to hear from you. So are you going to have a go at this challenge?


Thinking about camera angles and composition. I want to go for a wide screen format similar to the proportions of a cinema screen. I’m also going for a bit of a wide-angle lens effect

  • Mark


Great progress! I was thinking, if the lizard is a real one with fake horns how would the crew deal with the scaling issue to make it look so big? Will there be a giant looking-glass in front of it or maybe some really visible postwork made to the shot?