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My idea is to use another point of view to look at the B-Movie topic.
I think b-movie term, includes a wide range of movie genres and not
only sci-fi or horror ones.
Maybe, one of these genres could be the sexy-comedy, very popular in Italy
in '70-'80 decades. The Italian sexy comedies are simple but quite funny movies
with comedians and sexy women acting using a script full of misunderstandings
and ambiguous situations.
A typical topic of this genre is the betrayal, usually presenting middle-age and quite ugly
men trying to court young women. Often, the leading characters are teachers and students in
a high-school scenery, or sodliers and sexy nurses, but this may vary. These movies have amazing poster art, made by great Italian illustrators such as Renato Casaro, Enzo Sciotti and Sandro Simeoni.
I strongly suggest to check out their works:




I think these posters are really amazing, representing the actors and their funny faces in a great way. I would like to do something similar, focusing my illustration
on an imaginary Italian sexy-comedy called “La fuoriclasse” (“she-outsider”), featuring a young woman who’s not only a great soccer player, but even a very beautiful girl. For this reason, every men (ugly and quite stupid) in the movie will try to make her fall in love with them, from her coach to the president of the football team.
(well…I know…the screenplay is not so original…)


…adjusting the characters…


adding some colors…


Hey Marco! you are starting a bit late but moving quite fast!
I think that here in spain we had also movies with similar topics in those years, hehe, sexy women and stupid funny stuations… you have also very good references with those posters… it’s looking good! (and sexy)


Looking lovely, Marco! always nice to see new work of yours! My only crit would be that the lower right ball and the man on the ground below it have the exact same expression and you could vary those more… unless the ball is intended to be him. (In which case, why does the ball have a moustache and he doesn’t?) Anyhow, good luck with it! :thumbsup:




Hi friends! Thanks for your encouraging words!

Fernando: Great to know that not just Italians have these movies! I’ll search for spanish poster references too. Thanks a lot!

Michael: Thanks for your crit: you’re absolutely right; I’m trying to change all the faces right now.

Soon updates!


starting to add details to the heads.


The faces are looking good! Now that you’ve moved her right leg, it’s on a tangent with the top of the left man’s head. Also: a bigger logo! In a lot of the examples in your link, the logo takes up the entire width of the poster. So consider super-sizing it! :smiley:
Good luck!


Hey Marco,

Cool to see you in this challenge :smiley:

Really original approach, like a lot your idea. The image progress looks totally cool, really nice sexy girl, like the innocent gesture, puts a cool comedy touch on the painting. Great work and looking forward for more updates. Cheers!! :thumbsup:


I like the idea very much, it’s nice and original. Wips look really good too, especially female character :slight_smile: Hope to see next steps soon…


I’m adjusting size and comp in general, plus improving characters.


suggestions about the title position and size are welcome


…improving the faces…


Michael: Thanks a lot for your suggestion about the title: I agree with you and I’m trying to find the best way to display the words within the image. And yes, I think that now the girl fits better with the head of the man on the left. Thanks for the advices!

Ferx: Thanks my friend! I like her innocent gesture too, even if I think I should change her right hand…

Ros1: Thanks for your words! I jope to have time to refine the whole image during this week…


some color changes


The coloring on the characters is looking really nice. Personally, I thought that the lighter sky color you had before made it a stronger piece: Being less saturated, it guided your eye to the main character. Right now, everything is all at a really high level of saturation, which is overly intense. And most of the picture - the grass, the backdrop, and her clothes - are all a really similar value to each other. Dropping the sky back to a lighter value and less saturation made the piece feel more harmonious and less “in your face.” Just my opinion, though! :thumbsup:


haha, loving it. The only thing to me is that she is not really grounded in the image. Se needs a shadow and the lighter sky might help as well to bring focus back on her.


faces close-up