B-Movie Entry: Luciano Prata


Wip of my monster, some adjustments in color skin


Wip of my monster


Wip of my monster


While not a big rig, is enough to meet the target.


Another one.


Well… i finished or so the monster, there are some details to polish but is almost done.
Her name is Ratzilla, a mutant between a big and disgusting rat and a T-rex.
This week i hope done the lunar enviroment, the lunar module, the other rigs, and the graphic design of the movie poster with the final name.


now that’s what I call freakin’ funny monster:cool: I really like it btw whole story is going to take place in space?


Hey Jan thanks! yeah, the story happens in the space, once i finished all models and rigs, i´ll make a storyboard, i hope before sunday… there is no much time to deadline :banghead: .


Trash props






Lunar Trash dump.
Here is where the story happens.
Is a little render test, maybe without vignette…and maybe needs some adjustments in the lunar surface texture.


Moon planet :wink:


Character improvements and clothing.


Yes! the characters are finally ready for animation, only remains a couple of weapons and finish the lunar module.


Old lunar Module




Lunar Module Flying


Module Cab, with very seriously concentated pilots.


Remain only 13 days… :banghead: :banghead: :twisted: